Pornhub is Offering Premium Services for Free to Encourage Social Distancing


Pornhub’s numbers are up and they are looking to continue to help make the decision to stay at home even easier by offering up the premium videos for free. Visit for more information “Pornhub is encouraging people around the world to stay home to help flatten the Coronavirus curve by self-isolating with FREE Premium,” […]

Pornhub Year In Review Reveals Just How Much Porn Everyone Still Watches

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It’s been a busy year for Pornhub. The company has released its annual year in review, detailing what men and women were searching for and watching in 2019. Visit for more information “Amateur” was the top search on Pornhub in 2019, followed by “Alien” and “POV.” While we have no answers for why “Alien” became such a popular search […]

Casanova Debuts New Video for ‘Splash’ on Pornhub

casanova splash music video

The Flatbush rapper turns to Pornhub for promo. Visit for more information Casanova recently debuted his new strip club anthem, “Splash” on Pornhub. Yes you read right. The adult site is not known for carrying musical content, but it is a platform nevertheless. Cass is taking full advantage of it. The video is a […]

Pornhub Viewership Up in the Nation’s Capital Since the Government Shutdown Started

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Not everyone is experiencing hardship thanks to the government shutdown. According to recent research, conducted by Pornhub, there’s been a spike in their viewership. Pornhub reports that since government jobs have been placed on hold, they’ve seen an almost 6% increase. Visit for more information In Washington D.C. alone, Pornhub claims its hourly traffic has increased an average of […]

Kanye West Was Offered to Direct a ‘Legendary’ Porno Flick

Kanye West

While Kanye West is a man of many trades, there is a great chance no one seen this coming as a possibility. After giving a shout out to a notable fan on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Ye rapper was offered the opportunity to direct an adult film. Visit for more information On Saturday night, […]

UK Drill Rap Banned From YouTube Available on PornHub

UK Drill Rap Banned From YouTube Available On PornHub

British law enforcement and other authorities have done their best to curtail the rise of the UK’s drill rap scene. Back in May, they requested YouTube remove 30 videos from the website due to the incitement of violence. Visit for more information While YouTube did comply with the request, drill rap is staying alive […]

Young M.A. Debuts As Director In Her Porno Flick Debut


Brooklyn femcee Young M.A. follows in the footsteps of the likes of Dipset’s Freekey Zeekey and NWA’s DJ Yella by being casted as the director in her first adult film. Visit for more information Produced by PornHub for the Visionaries Director’s Club, the “Ooouuu” rapper conceived the idea of an all girl adult film […]

Happy April Fool’s: PornHub is Currently “CornHub”

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You’ve got to be pretty cruel to prey on the minds of millions of lonely people, who head to PornHub on a daily basis in search of temporary satisfaction. Unfortunately, the folks at PornHub did just that, and if you’re heading over to their website today in search of said satisfaction, we hope you like […]