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Prada Jumps Back Into Sportswear By Relaunching Its Linea Rossa Line

prada linea rossa

Back in 1997, Prada put a sportswear spin on the brand’s renowned high fashion steez with the debut of its Linea Rossa collection. The line of apparel went a bit obsolete in the mid 2000s, but now its back and in perfect timing to gel into the current “athleisure” trend going on right now. Visit […]

Grailed’s ‘Heatwave’ Drop This Week is Full of Resort-Themed Rares

grailed heatwave drop

Much like its rare BAPE sale last week, online retailer Grailed is back for another Thursday drop in the brand’s “Heatwave” series — a weekly opportunity for fans to cop all the super rare items they thought would never see the light of day again. Visit for more information Advertisement For Week 6, the […]