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[WATCH] Video Released Of Officer Fatally Shooting Pregnant Black Woman


Ta’Kiya Young did not have to die.When it comes to a black woman, no one ever stops to think of her story. Unlike ‘Karen’s’ who have the ability to cry and get a response with a phone call, black women’s feelings, conditions, marital status, or mental health is never considered at first sight. Visit […]

Five People Shot Including Pregnant Woman at Texas Football Game

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At least five people have been shot while watching a football game in Dallas. One of the victims was a pregnant woman who was shot in the chest and had to undergo an emergency C-section at the scene, according to reports. Visit for more information The baby is alive while the mother is now […]

The Growing Fear Of The Spread Of The Zika Virus

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On Friday, June 8 an undisclosed person reportedly with the Zika virus died in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although the exact cause is still being investigated, the individual had concurrent symptoms of the virus including fever, rash and conjunctivitis. According to USA Today, spokesman Benjamin Haynes of the Center for Disease Control states, “…it’s unclear […]

Uber Driver Denies Woman In Labor A Hospital Ride And Charges $13


An Uber driver refuses a woman in  Manhattan a ride earlier this year with a $13 bill. Visit for more information New York attorney David Lee, a husband who tried to get an Uber to take his pregnant wife on a 3-mile ride to the hospital, was denied and charged after she went into labor […]

Body Camera Footage Shows Cops Wrestling Pregnant Woman to Ground During Arrest


Visit for more information Truly unbelievable Charlena Michelle Cooks, the mother of a 2nd grade student, and a Crestline Elementary School (Barstow, California) employee got into an altercation in the school’s parking lot back in January, resulting in police officers arriving on the scene to interview both women. The situation took a horrific turn […]