Presidential Election

Hip-Hop Community Reacts to Anarchy at Capitol

Family of Capitol Rioter Who Was Killed During Insurrection To Sue Capitol Police For $10 million

The events surrounding the presidential election certification have left one woman dead, countless people injured, and the nation’s capitol in disarray as mobs of protestors rushed the capitol building in DC, temporarily halting the election certification process. Politicians from both sides of the aisle took to social media to express their outrage- as did celebrities […]

Rolling With Joe: The SOURCE Endorses Joe Biden for President

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Joe Biden, the former Vice President and Senator, launched his campaign for President of the United States with a vow to “restore the soul of America.” For many in America, that “soul” manifests differently and perhaps always has. Indeed, a paradox if not a constitutional contradiction set forth on the very beginning of its text as written, […]

Donald Trump is Already Thinking About the 2020 Presidential Election


Donald Trump is already thinking about the future although currently the American citizens in Puerto Rico are possibly drinking contaminated water. Visit for more information POTUS revealed that he was recently asked if “crooked” Hillary Clinton is running for the upcoming presidential election and his response was, “I hope so!” I was recently asked if […]

Trump Supporter Who Punched Protester Gets Probation


The Trump supporter who elbowed an African-American man in the face at a North Carolina rally before warning, “we might have to kill him,” has made amends with the man he hit. Visit for more information John Franklin McGraw, 79, apologized to the protester, Rakeem Jones, in a Cumberland County courtroom Wednesday. After accepting […]

No, Eric B and Rakim Did Not Endorse Donald Trump

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This weekend, fans were surprised to hear a Donald Trump endorsement from Eric B and Rakim on Twitter, reports Baller Alert. The duo cleared up any confusion today, citing the work of hackers. Visit for more information The verified account for the collective Eric B and Rakim began commenting on the 2016 presidential election […]

Beyoncé and Jay Z Ask Americans to Get In Formation and Vote

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The Carters were among performers who showed out at the Get Out The Vote rally for Hillary Clinton in Cleveland yesterday [Friday, November 4]. Visit for more information Queen Bey dressed her gargle of dancers in Democrat blue as she donned polka dots, pearls, and her iconic Lemonade brimmed hat—all in Clinton’s signature pantsuit. […]

New Trump Campaign CEO Plagued with Allegations of Domestic Violence and Anti-Semitism


It may seem as though Donald Trump’s staffing strategy is one of “hire now, ask questions later” after an unflattering shadow has been cast over the past of his newly-appointed campaign CEO Stephen K. Bannon, whose ex-wife has brought about some revelations of a past domestic violence and anti-Semitism. Visit for more information According to […]

What You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick Tim Kaine


Friday [July 22], presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton announced the identity of her Vice President pick leaving many of us political lightweights surrounded by a resounding who? Visit for more information Tim Kaine, former governor of Virginia now serving as the state’s junior senator, has a storied history in politics, being one of only 20 people […]

Here’s What You Need To Know About Donald Trump’s VP Pick Mike Pence


This week, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump announced his pick for Vice President in the race towards the White House, and yesterday [July 16] Trump and his new running mate Indiana Governor Mike Pence officially made an appearance as a political pair ready to take on their Democratic counterparts despite the nearly 20-minute long speech that […]

22-Year-Old Krystal Lake’s Baseball Cap Goes Viral

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Krystal Lake is a 22-year-old who works at Home Depot. On her early Sunday morning shift, Lake was having a bad hair day and decided to rock a baseball cap. Innocently enough, she started her shift as a cashier and went about her workday normally. Visit for more information The plot twist? The baseball […]

New Poll: Voters Are Going to The Ballot Only to Keep The Other Party from Winning


In this wacky playing field that has been the 2016 presidential campaign, this new finding in a poll released Thursday comes really as no surprise. Visit for more information It seems both the Democratic and Republican parties have effectively failed at energizing voters overall, and now one of the main factors getting voters to […]

Donald Trump Thinks Beating Hillary Will Be “Easy.” Think Again.


With the race winding down and all signs pointing to Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, the real estate mogul is now looking to shift his gears towards a new set of voters: Bernie Sanders supporters. Visit for more information It seems pretty inevitable Trump will be squaring off with Hillary Clinton come next […]

Why Russell Simmons Is Voting For Hillary Clinton


Yesterday [Thursday, April 28] Russell Simmons sat down with Sway In The Morning for a very engaging conversation that put a twist on Hip Hop perspectives on politics and a healthy lifestyle. Visit for more information Russell is most recently notable for his vegan diet and yogi lifestyle. In November 2015, Russell released his […]

Could This Be the End? Bernie Sanders Begins Laying Off Campaign Staffers

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Bernie Sanders‘ campaign is now nearly 200 workers lighter as the race towards the Democratic nomination begins to draw to a close. It was on Wednesday [April 27, 2016] that Sanders told the New York Times that the campaign that was once numbered at over 1,000 went from the 550 remaining staffers to somewhere between 325 to […]