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Saweetie & BbyAfricka Drop Visual To Baby Mama C**chie

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Saweetie and BbyAfricka teamed up for the Baby Mama C**chie music video today. This is the third visual released from the “My Type” rapper’s Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1 project. Visit for more information The 7-track-playlist  was released last month, and is a new “tradition” for the rapper. According to Saweetie, she wants to release a playlist every […]

Saweetie and Rapper Loui Team Up For “Talkin Bout” Visual

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Saweetie is back again with another visual from her project Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1. This time the Icy Girl teamed up with rapper Loui for a fun high-school-themed video for their hit song ‘Talkin Bout’.  Visit for more information Three weeks ago Loui showed behind the scenes of the music video, causing social […]