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Wentworth Miller Reveals He’s Done With Prison Break and Playing Straight Roles

Wentworth Miller Reveals Hes Done With Prison Break and Playing Straight Roles

The hit series Prison Break was revived for a limited series about five years ago and then it just vanished. TCA, Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn teased the possibility of a new season at the top of the year. Visit for more information If you had hopes of the show returning Wentworth Miller, who […]

‘Prison Break’ Set To Be Revived As a Limited Series

Prison break

Soon you may not need to re-watch old seasons of Fox‘s hit drama, Prison Break. The series which aired for three seasons from 2005 to 2009 could be headed back to television — sort of. Visit for more information Details are scarce, but Fox is reportedly developing a limited series that would reunite television brothers Wentworth Miller and Dominic […]