Vice Journalist Released From Turkish Prison

Vice News Journalist

A Vice news journalist, who was imprisoned in Turkey for 131 days, was released on bail, according to CNN after the organization tweeted about it on Tuesday. Visit for more information Mohammed Rasool along with two British journalists, Phil Pendlebury and Jake Hanrahan, were detained in August of last year. They were charged with […]

Aaron Hernandez Moved Into Segregation Prison Unit After Shank Is Found In Cell

Aaron Hernandez

The football world might have forgotten about Aaron Hernandez since he was sentenced to life in prison after he was convicted on first degree murder charges this past April but the former New England Patriots star is not done making headlines. Guards at the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Massachusetts were in the midst of a […]

Inmate Offers To Save Life of Judge Who Incarcerated Him

article marrow

When inmate Charles Alston was sentenced to 25 years in prison for armed robbery, he never thought he would see the District Attorney who was responsible for sending him to prison. Now Alston is giving life to the man who took his life away. Judge Carl Fox was recently diagnosed with blood cancer and given […]

Statement Released Demanding Medical Care For Mumia Abu-Jamal


MOVE and ICFFMAJ have released a statement on the prison’s attempt to murder political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal Visit for more information Mumia Abu-Jamal may be one of the most widely known prison inmates in America and has fallen gravely ill. Mumia is hardly able to walk or talk because of severe complications related largely […]

Ex-Con Makes $3 Million With ‘Pigeonly’ Inmate Service Site


Frederick Hutson built a $3M business in one year after serving a four year prison sentence Visit for more information is an online inmate service site that was created by an ex-con by the name of Frederick Hutson. The initial business venture was essentially started after Hutson served a four year bid. He […]

Ronald “Ra Diggs” Gets Sentenced To 12 Life Prison Terms Plus 105 Years

ra diggs

Even with his cheerful demeanor towards his supporters as he waltzed into a Brooklyn federal court on Thursday, it didn’t change the fact that Ronald Herron would be spending the rest of his natural life in prison. Visit for more information Ronald Herron, 33, a rapper who also goes by the name “Ra Diggs”, […]

Three Teenagers Face 15 Years In Prison For Stealing Air Jordans

andrew thompson

How badly do you want to be like Mike? Visit for more information Three teenagers, Andrew Thompson, Frey Cayetano and Christopher Francisco have been arrested and charged with felony larceny after they stole over $3,000 worth of Jordans and other apparel from an unsuspecting man who was expecting to sell the three young men […]

Nothing Can Stop Gucci Mane From Releasing New Music, Even Prison Bars

gucci mane

Since Gucci Mane was handed down his prison sentence, he has already release a whopping three full length mixtapes: The Purple Album, The White Album, and Brick Factory. Typically, once a musician is has a number of years of freedom taken away from them, there is a halt in the artistic production; well, Guwop has not received that memo. He continues […]

Hip Hop Still On Trial: Ra Diggs, Jerms Black, Casanova Kris


Rappers going to jail is nothing new. Even infamous managers like James Rosemond a.k.a. Jimmy Henchmen is serving a life sentence. The Source Magazine released an issue in March 2004 titled Hip Hop Behind Bars highlighting the different artists who were incarcerated or facing incarceration at that time. Historically, some rappers who come from the […]

Boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter Dead At 76

Rubin Carter

Visit for more information In the darkest hours, when his only reality was a life sentence and a five-by-seven cell, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter studied Plato, George Gurdjieff, Viktor Frankl, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and every criminal law book he could get his hands on. “All of the world’s wisdom,” he later wrote,” (for) trying to find […]

Vybz Kartel Sentenced To Life In Prison


Visit for more information It’s over In a trial that lasted over two months, internationally known reggae artist Vybz Kartel has officially been sentenced to life in prison. Advertisement Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, was recently on trial for the murder of Barrington Baron (for which he was found not guilty) but […]

On Death Row, Ray Jasper Pens A Letter Filled With Insight And Controversy

ray jasper

You probably don’t know what your plans are for March 19th, possibly eight hours of routine work or ten hours of Netflix binge watching. However, for Ray Jasper, this date has been highlighted on his calendar for quite sometime. Not because its marks his thirty sixth birthday, but the exact opposite; it was day Texas’ Judicial […]

Lil’ Boosie Released From Prison

boosie bad

Visit for more information Finally Baton Rouge, Louisiana news station WAFB is reporting tonight that rapper Lil’ Boosie has officially been released from prison. Boosie was originally slated to be released on February 13th, but today March 5th the rapper is free. Advertisement The news station sent out this tweet confirming the rapper’s release. […]

O.J. Simpson Goes On Suicidal Hunger Strike In Prison

OJ Simpson

Visit for more information “I used to live my way, and now I’m going to die my way!” a depressed O.J. Simpson told a source for the National Enquirer. Simpson, who is in his 7th year of a thirty-three year sentence for armed robbery, assault and kidnapping, has reportedly been refusing food at the […]

ACLU Report – A Living Death: Life Without Parole For Nonviolent Offenses (Part 2)

Source ACLU pt2 Mandela2

The Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council Launches “Law & Prison Reform” Campaign to Support Devastating Report Campaign will use the Influence and Strength of the Late Great Nelson Mandela who Spent 27 years in Prison to Achieve Justice by Acquiring United Nations Support for Human Rights By Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher @HHSYC Visit for […]