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Today In Hip Hop History: Prodigy Dropped His Debut Solo Album ‘H.N.I.C.’ 22 Years Ago

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On this day at the turn of the century, Prodigy, the lyrical half of the legendary QB duo Mobb Deep, dropped his debut LP, H.N.I.C., released under the Loud/Violator/Steve Rifkind Co./Infamous Records imprints. Visit for more information Produced by behind-the-board experts like his partner Havoc, The Alchemist, Rockwilder, and Just Blaze, this album became […]

Today In Hip Hop History: Mobb Deep’s Fifth LP ‘Infamy’ Turns 20 Years Old!

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On this date in 2001, NYC kings of crime rhyme Mobb Deep released their fifth full-length studio album entitled Infamy on the Loud/Columbia imprint. Visit for more information As the QB duo’s first album following their publicized beef on wax with Jay-Z, the controversy helped to bolster the album’s sales, recognized by the RIAA […]