Today in Hip-Hop History: Cam’ron Drops His Sophomore ‘S.D.E.’ Album 18 Years Ago

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On this date in 2000, Dipset general Cam’ron released his second album Sports, Drugs And Entertainment on Untertainment Records, which was owned by his former manager Lance “Un” Rivera. Visit for more information Originally titled The Rough, Rough, Rough Album, S.D.E. features appearances Destiny’s Child, Noreaga, Dutch & Spade, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Prodigy, Freekey […]

Friends, Family and Fans Remember Prodigy One Year After His Death


It was one year ago today that Hip-Hop fell into a state of mourning after news surfaced that Mobb Deep’s Prodigy passed away from complications with sickle cell anemia. Visit for more information The New York-bred MC struggled with the disease for years. He even released a song addressing his battle with sickle cell on […]

Prodigy of Mobb Deep 10 Greatest Style Moments

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Today we celebrate the life and memory of Prodigy — 1/2 of the legendary 90s rap duo Mobb Deep who passed away one year ago today. Visit for more information While the Queens-bred MC will always be remembered primarily for his hard-hitting music and thought-provoking lyricism, he also was a pretty fly guy, too. […]

Prodigy’s Life and Lyrics Exhibited True Survival

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Today in a memorandum of Prodigy on the first anniversary of his passing, many fans will visit streaming services to play “Shook Ones, Pt. II” or “Quiet Storm Remix.” However, the life of the Mobb Deep legend extends much further than Greatest Hits. Referencing the legendary and dominant New York City Hip-Hop scene and how […]

Former Mobb Deep Manager Suing For $500K Over Unpaid Work

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A production company that claims to have oversaw the careers of Havoc and the late Prodigy of the legendary Hip Hop duo Mobb Deep is suing the group, alleging that they are owed over $500,000 in unpaid work. Visit for more information Buck 50 Productions claim they oversaw the careers of members Prodigy and […]

13 Celebrity Deaths in 2017 That Felt Like Family


The year will go down in history as one of the most shocking years in popular culture, in terms of those who passed away. Friends, family and fans alike lost a saddening number of influential creatives across the industries. From Hip Hop legends like Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, to industry thought leaders like Combat Jack, the […]

Did Ashanti Assist Jay-Z in ’01 Summer Jam Diss Against Prodigy?

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Hot 97’s Summer Jam is the best place in Hip Hop for MC’s to get things off their chest.  At 2001’s show, Jay-Z was on his “Brooklyn bullsh*t” when he sent a direct shot at Queens’ Prodigy (of Mobb Deep). “When I was pushing weight back in ’88, you was a ballerina/I got the pictures, I […]

Today In Hip Hop History: Prodigy Releases His Debut Solo Album ‘H.N.I.C.’ 17 Years Ago

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On this day at the turn of the century, Prodigy, the lyrical half of the legendary QB duo Mobb Deep, dropped his debut LP, ‘H.N.I.C.’, released under the Loud/Violator/Steve Rifkind Co./Infamous Records imprints. Visit for more information Produced by behind the boards experts like his partner Havoc, The Alchemist, Rockwilder, and Just Blaze, this […]

PMD’s Prodigy Tribute Might Send Chills Down Your Spine

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Words by Ime Ekpo Visit for more information Don’t you just love it when hip-hop legends honor one another? Best known as being the PMD of classic Golden Era Hip-Hop duo, EPMD, Parish Smith is all about preserving the greatness of the Hip-Hop MC. Prodigy’s clever spits on the mic revived east coast hip-hop, […]

Prodigy Gifted His Son With a Tattoo on His 7th Birthday


Prodigy’s estate partnered with The Source Magazine to put together a documentary in honor of the infamous rapper’s birthday. Visit for more information His wife, children, and friends all shared their sweetest moments with P and it was moving. One of the most notable stories was from Prodigy’s son, Shaka, who revealed that his […]

Top 10 Fan Favorite Prodigy Lyrics


Words by Shanice Spear Visit for more information Take these words home and think it through, or the next rhyme I write might be about you’ Prodigy was known to be an open book when it came to his intentionally non rhyming raps. The lyrical genius never shied away from rapping about the truth […]

Vanderslice Drops New Track Featuring Prodigy on P’s Birthday

Vanderslice Drops New Track Featuring Prodigy on P’s Birthday

Words by Jason Cordner Visit for more information Today ( November 2nd) would have been Prodigy’s 43rd birthday. His passing has definitely affected the Hip Hop community to a great extent. While the Hip Hop community still mourns and reflect, producer Vanderslice pays homage by releasing a new track featuring the infamous one. “Hardbody […]

Prodigy’s Prison Food Recipes Are Finger Licking Good

Prodigy's Healthy Food Recipes Are Finger Licking Good

Words by Shanice Spear Visit for more information Prodigy went from cooking in the booth to cooking behind bars. After Prodigy was sentenced back in 2007 for illegal possession of a firearm he had to maintain a healthier lifestyle than most, even if it meant skipping a prison meal or two. Due to his […]