Vanderslice Drops New Track Featuring Prodigy, On Prodigy’s Birthday


Words by Jason Cordner Visit for more information Today ( November 2nd) would have been Prodigy 43rd birthday. His passing has definitely affected the Hip-Hop community to a great extent. While the hip hop community still mourn and reflect, producer Vanderslice pays homage by releasing a new track featuring the infamous one. “Hardbody Karate” features a 2017 Prodigy verse […]

VOTE: What is Your Favorite Prodigy Joint?

SourcePoll: What is Your Favorite Prodigy Joint?

We lost a Hip Hop legend on June 20th, but Prodigy’s music lives on forever. Visit for more information He was a husband, father, friend, and one half of New York’s Mobb Deep. P and Havoc were only 16-years-old showcasing their bars all throughout the city as the Poetical Prophets. Their rhymes landed them […]

Mobb Deep: 10 Hip-Hop Songs That Sampled ‘Shook Ones’

Mobb Deep Prodigy Havoc

Words by Ime Ekpo Visit for more information You can not call yourself a hip-hop head if the Mobb hasn’t shaken you with the realness. Bombarded with a rigid lyrical approach and dense street mannered content, Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones (Part II)” became instrumental in the 1995 resurgence of hardcore rapping for the east […]

Coroner: Mobb Deep’s Prodigy Died From Accidental Choking


A coroner has confirmed the cause of death of Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy was choking. Visit for more information The 42-year-old star died in June after being hospitalized for sickle cell anemia in Las Vegas. The Mobb Deep rapper, whose real name was Albert Johnson, had to be pulled out of a meet-and-greet after […]

N.O.R.E. Reveals Why Prodigy’s Mural Was Defaced


According to N.O.R.E., Prodigy’s mural would have never lasted. Visit for more information Recently, the rap veteran and Drink Champs host stepped into The Breakfast Club on New York’s Power 105, and among topics discussed were the death of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy and the his short-lived posthumous mural. First put up in the late […]

The Alchemist Pays Homage To Prodigy With Release Of Mobb Deep’s “Try My Hand”

MAIN Mobb Deep In Concert New York NY

One by one, more and more big names in Hip-Hop are coming forward to honor the legacy of Prodigy. Today brings us previously unreleased Mobb Deep track “Try My Hand.” Alchemist, Mobb Deep’s longtime producer, dropped off the track as part of his The Good Book Vol. 2 collection with UK producer Budgie. Visit for more information The song […]

The Black Opera Talks New Project, Prodigy, and Battle of Old & New

the black opera

The age-old battle between the old and the new finds itself at the very center of one of Hip-Hop’s greatest debates in recent times.  While the mainstream has provided prime examples of seasoned artists evolving with the times, there remains a cluster of emcees who have chosen to stick to the formula. Visit for […]

Prodigy Memorial Mural In QB Being Permanently Removed Due To Ongoing Vandalism


According to art publication East Coast Renaissance, the mural that was painted in memory of Albert “Prodigy” Johnson of the legendary duo Mobb Deep, is being permanently removed from its current location because of unknown culprits who have vandalized the memorial at least twice. Visit for more information On July 8, less than 24 […]

Prodigy Mural in Queens Defaced is Now Being Fixed


24 hours later, the late Prodigy’s mural has been completely destroyed. Visit for more information After the unexpected death of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy at the age of 42, two artists came together to pay homage with a mural in Queens to only have it splattered with white paint a day later. Cormega, who is […]

Prodigy Honored With Queensbridge Mural


While Mobb Deep’s Prodigy did a great sure at securing his legacy through song, the late rapper’s memory will now live on visually as two artist have come together to create a mural in his honor. Visit for more information It was Thursday [July 6] that artists Jeff Henriquez and Eli Lazar also known as […]

Nas Pays Tribute to Prodigy with Performance of “Shook Ones”


The Hip-Hop world was shaken with the loss of New York legend Prodigy on June 20th. Since then many artists have used their social media or live performances to pay homage to the Mobb Deep member’s name. Fellow New Yorker Nas joined in on the tributes, with a special performance of the iconic song “Shook Ones” at the […]

Mobb Deep’s Havoc Performed For The First Time Since Prodigy Passed

havoc dont fall for mitt romneys lies black enterprise mobb deep

The entire Hip-Hop community was impacted when the news broke that Prodigy died due to complications caused by sickle cell anemia. His loved ones are still coping with the loss of a beloved friend and family member. Visit for more information Prodigy’s daughter took to Instagram to share a home video of her dad […]

Thousands Come Out To Show Love At Prodigy’s Memorial In Manhattan


Everyone from family, friends, fans, colleagues and media came out to show their love and respect for the lyrical half of the legendary Mobb Deep, Albert Johnson, more affectionately known to the Hip-Hop world as “Prodigy”. Visit for more information A continuous line made its way through Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home on Madison […]

Tribute to Prodigy

IMG 1915

Prodigy~ The Genius, Extraordinaire, a Rarity Gemstone, strong like Serendibite. His purpose here on earth, well served Physically absent, spiritually elevated Emotionally, at rest yet mentally engrained in The 3rd minds eye of humanity Supersedes multidimensional realms Ascended Master Teacher Intelligent sexy thug, MY love, my love Gangsta don’t die we just turn to legends […]

Hip-Hop Pays Respects to Prodigy in Private Funeral


In a private, warm and loving ceremony befitting a king this afternoon, family, friends and Hip Hop luminaries came to pay their respects, farewell and celebration to Albert “Prodigy” Johnson, one of the true innovators and street legends of Hip Hop music and culture.  Tributes from those who knew him dearly and others he inspired […]

Lil Kim And Havoc Join BET Awards Prodigy Tribute


The 2017 BET Awards will reportedly honor Prodigy during tomorrow’s short, after the Mobb Deep emcee died earlier this week. Visit for more information TMZ reported: “The BET Awards will pay tribute to Prodigy, but it won’t be a major spectacle—instead, his rap partner Havoc and Lil Kim will do the honors on their own.” Mobb […]

In Honor of Prodigy, here is the Poetical Prophet’s (Mobb Deep) Unsigned Hype

mobb deepunsignedhype

We lost a Hip-Hop legend this Tuesday (June 20th) with the passing of Prodigy, one half of New York’s own Mobb Deep. Visit for more information In honor of his life and influence, here from the archives is The Source‘s Unsigned Hype showcasing their skills when Prodigy and Havoc were just 16 years old rapping all over […]

New Videos From SZA & 2 Chainz | Source News Flash

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Today in Source News Flash: On a promotional roll of his latest album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, 2 Chainz does not stop. Just a day after the release of  video for Migos-assisted “Blue Cheese,” Chainz jetsets the world in a brand new video for his “Sleep When U Die.” Also in music video news, SZA released […]

Hip-Hop Legend Prodigy Dies At Age 42


After battling health problems for years, a representative has confirmed Prodigy has passed away at the age of 42. Visit for more information Mobb’s publicist released the following statement: “It is with extreme sadness and disbelief that we confirm the death of our dear friend Albert Johnson, better known to millions of fans as […]