Pump Universe

Reebok Unveils Chapter 2 of New ‘Pump Universe’ Reimagined Sneakers

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Reebok aimed to reimagine the tales behind its most storied sneakers with the release of “Pump Universe” this past February, fusing their unique design cues and placing its storied custom-fit Pump technology at the forefront. In “Chapter 1,” Allen Iverson’s Question Mid and Shaq’s patented Shaq Attaq were reimagined in exciting ways for the tennis […]

Reebok Creates ‘Pump Universe’ Out of Most Historic Lines of Sneakers

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Reebok has released “Pump Universe,” a revisionist footwear collection that reimagines its most iconic historical sneakers, on the 32nd anniversary of Dee Brown’s historic ‘no-look’ dunk contest performance that launched the brand’s “Pump” technology into prominence. “Pump Universe” volume one, starring Question Pump and Shaq Victory Pump, will be available on Reebok.com and the Foot […]