Race Relations In America: Can You Hear Us Now?

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Protesters across the world have now expressed their anger about the deaths of so many black people by the hands of those meant to serve and protect. Race relations issues have always been the ‘elephant in many rooms’ but now the world is forced to pay attention. Paris, Sydney, Korea, Europe, Hong Kong—nearly every corner of […]

W. Kamau Bell Returns With Fourth Season of ‘United Shades of America’

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Stand-up comedian and social commentator W. Kamau Bell makes his return with the fourth season of his Emmy-award winning series United Shades of America. Throughout the series, W. Kamau Bell explores various communities across America to take on controversial and to understand the unique challenges they face in regard to race, class, sexuality, and much […]

How One Visual Artist Starts Dialogue on Race & Relationships

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The first time we had a conversation with visual artist Justin Richburg, we wanted to find out how he came up with the “Dice Game.”  Who would think Malcolm X and Mike Tyson would be holding side bets? Looking on as they hope Allen Iverson rolls a snake-eyes. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Since then, […]

Mixed Remixed Festival Is Back to Uplift Multiracial People and Interracial Families, 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia


Fifty years ago, Richard and Mildred Loving were fighting for Supreme Court’s legal support of interracial marriage—the Loving v. Virginia case portrayed by Joel Edgerton and Ruth Nega in 2016’s “Loving.” And that 1967 court ruling is what festival-goers will honor this year at the Mixed Remixed Festival in Los Angeles [June 10, 2017]. Visit […]

Hollywood Star Logan Browning Says Entertainment Is Racially Shifting

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The star of Netflix’s “Dear White People” – Logan Browning, says theres a lot more programming today in entertainment giving opportunities to people of color. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information “I think we’re definitely in a wave of entertainment where — it sounds  how it’s going to sound — being ethnic is cool,” Browning said […]

15 Tweets That Prove Why Twitter Might Offer The Best Insight On Race In America


The “Twittersphere” has long proven itself to be the ultimate melting pot of ideas. It has the power to leave us laughing, crying, enraged, inspired, and all too often, disappointed in the span of one five-minute scroll through our timelines. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Within the stretch of the past three days, it has once more ignited the issues surrounding […]

Violence Continues at Trump Rally in Salt Lake City


Much like the unruly scene in that unfolded in Chicago on March 11, a recent Trump rally quickly got out of hand as supporters of the presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and protesters battled in front of the Infinity Event Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Protesters allegedly tried to rush […]

President Barack Obama & Misty Copeland Talk Race In America


The first Black American President, Barack Obama, and the first Black principle dancer at the American Ballet Theater, Misty Copeland, sat down with TIME last month (February 29) for an in-depth conversation about race and body image. The interview began with a list of the pair’s similarities, as they both came from single parent households […]

If Sam Bradford Were African-American, Would Eagles Have Extended Long-Term Offer?

Although there has a been a progression of the quality of play from African-American quarterbacks with the recent successes of Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Teddy Bridgewater, Tyrod Taylor and others, there still appears to be some favoritism that favors the white quarterback in the NFL when talking a long-term deal. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information […]

[Exclusive] Stephan James Talks Playing Jesse Owens in “RACE”

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Most people today have probably heard the name Jesse Owens, but not many know his story. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information RACE, coming out February 19, is a film that tells the true story of Owens’ journey from being a small town track star with a family to support to an Olympic gold medalist and piece […]

Stephen Hopkins, Director of ‘RACE,’ Speaks on Jesse Owens’ Influence on Him

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Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information On February 19, Race, a Jesse Owens biopic, will be released to theaters nationwide starring Stephen James, Jason Sudeikis, Jeremy Irons and more. The movie, directed by Stephen Hopkins, will cover Jesse Owens’ journey from being a relentlessly discriminated against track and field star to a four-time gold medalist at the […]

[EXCLUSIVE] Jason Sudeikis Talks Playing Coach Larry Snyder in “RACE”


Behind every great athlete is a great coach helping them prepare and motivating them to glory. Larry Snyder was one of those great coaches. Although his place in history is one that has been forgotten by many, nothing can outshine his importance to the success of Jesse Owens. It can easily be said that without Snyder […]