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Amid Unrest IBM Drops Facial Recognition Software Over Racial Profiling Concerns

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IBM is dropping facial recognition software from its portfolio amid concerns over racial profiling and surveillance. CEO Arvind Krishna informed Congress, saying IBM “firmly opposes and will not condone uses of any technology; including facial recognition technology offered by other vendors, for mass surveillance [and] racial profiling.” The technology giant made the announcement on Monday […]

Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out Star Hitman Holla Released for Fulton County Jail; Says He Will Put Money of Commissary for Inmates That Held Him Down

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The Hip-Hop community was up in arms about the arrest of rapper, actor and comedian Hitman Holla earlier this week. The celebrity personality, whose real name is Gerald Fulton, Jr., was arrested after an Atlanta police patroller followed him and his party for several exits and pulled him over only after her allegedly for illegally […]

[WATCH] Meek Mill Shows Video Of His Private Jet Being Searched Again

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After just having his jet searched upon landing in Miami, Philly rapper and prison advocate Meek Mill had his private jet searched again for the second time within a week, but this time, the Dreamchaser general caught it all on video. The “Championships” emcee couldnt believe they second search, saying, “Searching the jet againnnnnn. Somebody […]

BET Founder Bob Johnson Says he Was Racially Profiled in Florida Hotel

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Bob Johnson, the founder of BET(Black Entertainment Television), recently said that an employee at a luxurious Florida hotel discriminated against him. The media mogul explained that he was racially profiled because he refused to take off his prescription sunglasses. The incident started when a hotel employee told Johnson Eau Palm Beach in Manalapan, Florida after […]

Expectant Mother Sherell Bates Wrongfully Accused of Stuffing Items Under Shirt at Staples

Expectant Mother Sherell Bates Wrongfully Accused of Stuffing Items Under Shirt at Staples

Racial profiling is alive and well in 2018. A woman in Pineville, North Carolina, was flabbergasted for being accused of stuffing her shirt and stealing from a local Staples store. Sherell Bates left home Friday, August 10, to do some back-to-school shopping, reports WSOCTV. What she didn’t know was that a mundane task would become an embarrassing moment. “Being […]

Offset’s Attorney Says Rapper Was Targeted Because he’s Black and Successful

Offsets Attorney Says Rapper Was Targeted Because hes Black and Successful

Offset’s lawyer say Georgia law enforcements racially targeted his client. One day after the Migos rapper was arrested outside Atlanta, his lawyer, Drew Findling, openly expressed that he’s skeptical about the legitimacy of the entire ordeal. The legal advisor, who also represents the likes of Gucci Mane, Katt Williams, and Trippie Redd—said he’s persuaded police […]

NAACP Lifts Travel Advisory For African Americans Flying American Airlines

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According to confirmed reports, the NAACP has lifted its months-long travel ban against American Airlines on Tuesday. Organization officials said they believe the airline has finally made some significant headway in cutting down on discrimination incidents involving passengers of color. The announcement came via Twitter after the civil rights organization advised American Airlines on diversity […]

Jim Jones Accuses JetBlue Airline of Racial Profiling

Jim Jones Accuses JetBlue Airline of Racial Profiling

Jim Jones was on an ongoing JetBlue trip to Texas when he got into a disagreement with the plane’s captain. As per a phone recording of the incident, Jones was nearly kicked off the airplane after he was blamed for being resistant. In the clasp, the Dipset rapper—who was booked to perform in Austin with […]

Target Forces Woman to Undress to Prove She Didn’t Steal

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For shopper Ashanae Davis being accused of shoplifting was the first of many embarrassments she would face by Target authorities. Davis, 20, was about to exit the Southfield Target on May 22 when she stopped by security. A Black security guard had accused her of stealing a bikini on her way out and restrained her by […]

College Accused Of Targeting Black Students For Drug Testing

College Accused Of Targeting Black Students For Drug Testing

Two African-Americans students at Tennessee’s Trevecca Nazarene University are demanding an apology from school officials after they were allegedly singled out for suspicion of drug use, WSMV-TV reported. “So they get called out, pulled out of bed after midnight, have to submit to a drug test, threatened with a judicial hearing and no apology. No […]

Migos Removed From Delta Flight, Manager Claims Racial Profiling

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ATL’s favorite trio Migos was removed from a Delta flight on Friday, just hours before a concert, and their manager is reportedly accusing the airline of racial profiling. Migos were on a flight from Atlanta to Des Moines, Iowa, but the plane returned to the gate before it departed to drop off the trio. Their […]

New Report Shows Black Drivers Face Stricter Seat Belt Enforcement


Wednesday [January 27, 2016], the American Civil Liberties Union released a report stating Black motorists in the state of Florida were stopped and given tickets for not wearing seat belts nearly twice as much as whites. In Orange and Palm Beach counties, the disparity grew with Blacks being three time more likely to get pulled […]

Houston Police Release Video Of Shooting Of Unarmed Jordan Baker


The Houston Police Department has changed its mind and decided Wednesday night to release the surveillance footage from the night unarmed 26 year old Jordan Baker was shot and killed by police in January of 2014. Baker’s family believes that the video raises suspicion as tho why Jordan was stopped in the first place. The […]