Twitter Explodes Over Calling Coronavirus ‘Kung Flu’


With coronavirus ravaging the world, people are attempting to make light of the situation by renaming it “Kung Flu”. The name is racist towards the most affected country of China and its citizens and is trending on Twitter. REGISTER TO VOTE GET ELECTION REMINDERS https://www.facebook.com//videos/403556060649855 Ironically, authorities in China reported the fewest number of new […]

Nick Cannon Calls Out Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel for Wearing Blackface

NickCannonDoesn'tBelieveKylieJennerMakesasMuchasJAY Z

Remember when Stacy Abrams gave her Democratic response speech, she encouraged us to call out racism in any form when we see it? Well, Nick Cannon definitely is doing his part by calling out white people who dress in Blackface because yes, that is racist. Over the weekend the comedian shared an Instagram video calling […]

Statue of ‘Racist’Ghandi Removed From Ghana University Campus

gandhi statue re

A statue of Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi has been removed from Ghana’s most prestigious university following complaints that he was racist against Africans. The statue, installed at the University of Ghana in capital Accra, was removed in the middle of the night earlier this week after protests from students and faculty. REGISTER TO VOTE […]

Roseanne Barr Tells Fox’s Hannity Racist Tweet Was A Big Misunderstanding

Appearing on Fox News pundit Sean Hannity’s show Thursday, shamed actress Roseanne Barr claimed the backlash over the widely condemned racist tweet which led to ABC canceling her show was a huge misunderstanding. The tweet implied senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett was the offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood and an ape. Barr’s defense? She didn’t […]

Roseanne Barr Might be Returning to TV Soon

Roseanne Barr Might be Returning to TV Soon

A couple months ago, Roseanne Barr tweeted a very racist comment towards the Obama’s former aide and obviously, that did not sit well with anybody. ABC network canceled her show and is producing a spinoff without her.  But it seems as though the sitcom actress is unbothered. In a recent interview with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, […]

Dunkin’ Donuts Under Fire for Racist Instructions to Customers

Dunkin' Donuts Under Fire for Racist Instructions to Customers

Dunkin’ Donuts is facing backlash after one of its locations had a sign up that offered customers coupons if they reported employees who weren’t speaking English. The sign appeared in a Baltimore location and promised free coffee and a pastry reward. “If you hear any of our staff SHOUTING in a language other than ENGLISH Please […]

Racist Snapchat Messages Following Fatal Hit-and-Run Sparks Outrage

RacistSnapchatMessagesFollowingFatalHit and RunSparksOutrage

Sherell “Rell” Lewis was being a good Samaritan on Tuesday when he pulled his car over to clear wood from the middle of the highway in Leesville, Louisiana. But unfortunately, his life was cut short when he was struck by a 2003 Chevrolet pickup driven by 18-year-old Matthew Martin. Lewis was pronounced dead at the Byrd Regional Hospital. […]

Roseanne Barr Begged to Keep Her Show on Air

Roseanne Barr Begged to Keep Her Show on Air

Roseanne Barr is making sure her Twitter fingers are on top of its exercise. She returned to the social platform (again), to say that she begged ABC to keep her show on air, offering an extended apology. However, Disney/ABC Television Group President, Ben Sherwood, rightfully rejected her beg for mercy. “I begged Ben Sherwood at ABC 2 […]

Judge Banned From Restaurant in Louisiana For Racist Statement

news Judge Mike Erwin

Recently at Sammy’s Grill in Baton Rouge Louisiana, a patron allegedly overheard Judge Mike Erwin make a racist comment about an African-American woman. The restaurant was crowded that night, and the judge saw a man sharing his seat with the woman. He allegedly spew out towards them, “You should have made her get her fat […]

West Virginia Official Fired For Racist Statement Towards First Lady Michelle Obama

michelle obama

After weeks of controversy, the former director has been removed for good from the Clay County nonprofit group in West Virginia. Pamela Taylor, now former director, was terminated for describing First Lady Michelle Obama as an “ape in heels” on social media. REGISTER TO VOTE GET ELECTION REMINDERS https://www.facebook.com//videos/403556060649855 Advertisement The state’s bureau’s commissioner, Robert […]