Darren Sharper Says His Rape Accuser is Lying, She Followed Him & He Has Proof

Information has been released in regards to the three alleged rapes Darren Sharper is accused of.  He was arrested after two women accused him of sexually assualting them in California hotels, one victim in October 2013 and another in January 2014.  There’s also a pending investigation in Louisiana where a woman says he raped her […]

Former NFL Star Darren Sharper Accused of Rape By Three Different Women

Reports were released on Saturday that former NFL star and analyst Darren Sharper was arrested on rape charges and released on $200,000 bail.  Sharper is accused of an incident in October 2013 and one this month, January 2014.  Both women say Sharper raped them in LA hotel rooms. Police say it was two different woman in those […]

The Reality Of Rape And Sexual Assault In Hip-Hop

A sexy voluptuous exotic dancer named “Milky” sits in a hotel room making small talk with a road manager as she waits for famed rap sensation, known as “Paris” for purposes of this story, to arrive. 45 minutes later, Paris bursts through the door donning a hotel robe and a white towel rapped around his […]