Rare Breed Ent

Serius Jones Vs. Math Hoffa Rematch Announced On RBE


Not to be outdone by their own previous Closure event, which attempted to settle many long-running battle rap beefs that had been brewing over the last decade, Rare Breed Entertainment returns to Atlanta to settle one of the most high-profile lingering issues in battle rap history. Who can forget Serius Jones and Math Hoffa and […]

Exclusive: Ten Questions With A.R.P. of RBE


Rare Breed Ent. is one of the fastest-growing battle rap leagues, known for its innovative match ups and putting together battles most thought not possible. Here we caught up with the host and co-owner A.R.P. to learn more about RBE and how it is helping take battle rap to the next level. The Source: How […]

Hollow Da Don Vs. Math Hoffa Grudge Battle on RBE This Saturday

hollow the don  total slaughter

Rare Breed Ent. (RBE) rap battle league is set to build off of a very impressive year with an even stronger 2019 seemingly in the works. RBE has established itself now firmly in the top 3 big leagues along with SMACK/URLTV and KOTD in the battle rap world, through the ability to pull off great […]

Aye Verb Takes It to Murda Mook at RBE

Aye Verb Takes It to Murda Mook at RBE

The most anticipated return to battle took place on the weekend, with New York’s Murda Mook returning to his home crowd stage versus St. Louis’ Aye Verb. Mook, widely considered as the GOAT or certainly top tier by most, has battled the likes of Loaded Lux, Jae Mills, Party Arty (RIP), Serius Jones and Iron […]