MTV Planning to Reboot ‘Daria’ With New Production Unit

MTV Planning to Reboot 'Daria' With New Production Unit

According to a new report, Viacom’s MTV is planning a reboot of the popular late 90’s show Daria. The reboot will be titled Daria & Jodie and will feature a girl named Jodie who is Daria’s “intellectual equal” according to a CBS News report. The only difference is that Jodie is popular and well liked […]

Taylor Russell Shines in Netflix’s ‘Lost In Space’ Reboot

In the streaming giant’s retelling of the 1965 classic, Judy Robinson is recast as a teen Black doctor and portrayed by Taylor Russell. In an effort to make television and movies accessible to a more diverse audience, classic characters from TV and comics have been reimagined as Black and other minorities. In the Netflix reboot of […]

Is a ‘Moesha’ Reboot in the Works?

Is a 'Moesha' Reboot in the Works?

Many classic shows and films are getting rebooted, and it looks like Moesha is next on the list. There has been talks about a re-boot from since the show’s ending in 2001. The show’s star Brandy Norwood previously said she’s interested in bringing the show back, and today she stopped by The Real with the […]

Oh No! “Slimer” Won’t Be In The New Ghostbusters Reboot

Fans of the classic movie Ghostbusters are counting down to the release of the official reboot, dropping next summer. While the old cast will be making cameos in the upcoming film, lovable green ghoul Slimer will not be returning to our screens. Director Paul Feig took to Twitter to dispel the rumors, shattering the hopes […]

Sister Act Is Due For A Reboot

Disney is working on an installment on one of its most successful comedies of the 1990s.  Its been over a decade since the original Sister Act and we all know how much Disney loves to reboot their classic movies. Allison Shearmur, the producer of Cinderella would be apart of this project. As well as the writers of Legally Blonde, She’s the […]