Reebok Unveils ‘Big Game’ Pack in Honor of Emmitt Smith’s Legacy

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Reebok pays homage to football legend Emmitt Smith with the unveiling of the “Big Game” pack, featuring revamped versions of iconic turf trainers – “Preseason ’94 Mid” and “ES22.” Both shoes, integral to Smith’s illustrious career, receive celebratory Vegas-inspired makeovers. Visit for more information Preseason ’94 Mid “Big Game” (100202787, $130): A revival of […]

Reebok Unveils ‘Create What Makes You’ Lifestyle Collection Marrying ’80s and ’90s Nostalgia

Reebok Unveils 'Create What Makes You' Lifestyle Collection Marrying '80s and '90s Nostalgia

Reebok, the renowned sports culture brand, has introduced its latest lifestyle collection, “Create What Makes You.” This capsule breathes new life into the iconic branding of the ’80s and ’90s, merging nostalgic inspiration with innovative design. Visit for more information The collection showcases a distinctive feature – the tongue label on each shoe seamlessly […]

Reebok and Adsum Unveil the Reebok x Adsum Club C Mid

Reebok and Adsum Unveil the Reebok x Adsum Club C Mid

In a reunion of creative forces, Reebok and American clothing brand Adsum have officially launched the Reebok x Adsum Club C Mid. Building on the success of their 2020 collaboration with the Club C Revenge, this new release combines Reebok’s heritage design elements with Adsum’s signature twist, maintaining the design continuity seen in their previous […]

SOURCE SPORTS: Reebok and Shakur Stevenson Announce Partnership

Reebok and Shakur Stevenson Announce Partnership

Reebok has made waves in the sports world with recent leadership appointments, including legendary figures Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson. Now, they’ve announced a new partnership via Instagram with boxing superstar Shakur Stevenson. Shakur joins Reebok alongside rising stars Justin Fields and Angel Reese. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Shakur Stevenson […]

Reebok Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop with Commemorative Collection

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Reebok, the iconic sports culture brand, has unveiled a special footwear and apparel collection commemorating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. This unique collection pays homage to the influential figures in Black and Brown communities who have significantly contributed to the music industry through hip-hop. It follows Reebok’s “Most Extra” line, which celebrated trailblazers in the […]

Reebok Introduces Next-Generation Club C: The Club C FWD

Reebok Introduces Next-Generation Club C: The Club C FWD

Reebok LTD continues its innovative journey, introducing the Reebok Club C FWD, a modern twist on the iconic Club C. Designed by Evan Belforti, a senior footwear designer at Reebok LTD, this new silhouette combines classic Club C elements with a bold, cutting-edge design. Visit for more information The Reebok Club C FWD showcases […]

Reebok Pays Tribute to Shaq’s Dominant Playing Years with Shaq Attaq “MVP” Release

Reebok Pays Tribute to Shaq's Dominant Playing Years with Shaq Attaq "MVP" Release

Reebok, the iconic sports culture brand, is celebrating the prolific playing years of basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal with the release of the Shaq Attaq “MVP.” The early 2000s were undeniably Shaq’s most dominant playing years, marked by three MVP awards. Visit for more information In 2000, Shaq earned three different MVP awards in a […]

Reebok Joins Forces with Basketball Champion and Fashion Star Angel Reese

Reebok Joins Forces with Basketball Champion Angel Reese

Reebok, the renowned sports culture brand, has officially partnered with Angel Reese, a college basketball champion and rising fashion sensation. This collaboration marks the first significant signing under the leadership of Reebok’s newly appointed President of Basketball, Shaquille O’Neal. Angel Reese, a senior from Randallstown, Maryland, has emerged as one of her era’s most prominent […]

Reebok Revives Iconic ‘ATR Pump Vert’ Sneaker and Apparel Capsule for FW23

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Reebok has taken a trip down memory lane by returning the iconic “ATR Pump Vert” sneaker and a matching apparel capsule for Fall/Winter 2023. Originally launched in 1993, this sneaker was prominently featured in beloved sports films like “Above the Rim” and “Blue Chips.” It was a favorite among basketball players worldwide during the 1990s. […]

Reebok Unveils Exciting Releases for Iconic Hurrikaze II Retro Basketball Sneaker

Reebok Unveils Exciting Releases for Iconic Hurrikaze II Retro Basketball Sneaker

Reebok enthusiasts, mark your calendars! Reebok officially announced the release of two unique colorways for its iconic Hurrikaze II retro basketball sneaker on Oct. 20. The “Seattle Alternate” and “OG Inverse” models will be available for $130 through and select retailers. Visit for more information The “Seattle Alternate” design pays homage to the […]

SOURCE SPORTS: Reebok and Justin Fields Announce Exciting Long-Term Partnership


Reebok, the iconic sports and culture brand, is thrilled to announce a long-term partnership with Justin Fields, the electrifying American Football star. This exciting collaboration marks the official start of Reebok’s long-term strategy to reestablish its presence in team sports, with plans for expanding its roster of athletes, increasing engagement in sports culture, and introducing […]

Reebok Unveils ‘FOMO Is Dead’ Collection of Meant-to-be-Worn Sneakers

Reebok Unveils 'FOMO Is Dead' Collection of Meant to be Worn Sneakers

Reebok has unveiled its latest footwear and apparel collection, titled “FOMO Is Dead,” emphasizing durability and a lived-in aesthetic. Breaking away from the classic pristine white sneakers, this line reminds sneaker enthusiasts that shoes are meant to be worn and enjoyed rather than being kept as display pieces. Visit for more information The FOMO […]

Reebok Unveils Chapter 2 of New ‘Pump Universe’ Reimagined Sneakers

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Reebok aimed to reimagine the tales behind its most storied sneakers with the release of “Pump Universe” this past February, fusing their unique design cues and placing its storied custom-fit Pump technology at the forefront. In “Chapter 1,” Allen Iverson’s Question Mid and Shaq’s patented Shaq Attaq were reimagined in exciting ways for the tennis […]

Reebok Creates ‘Pump Universe’ Out of Most Historic Lines of Sneakers

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Reebok has released “Pump Universe,” a revisionist footwear collection that reimagines its most iconic historical sneakers, on the 32nd anniversary of Dee Brown’s historic ‘no-look’ dunk contest performance that launched the brand’s “Pump” technology into prominence. “Pump Universe” volume one, starring Question Pump and Shaq Victory Pump, will be available on and the Foot […]

It’s a Wrap for Cardi B and Reebok

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After a four-year partnership, Cardi and Reebok are wrapping up their partnership. Visit for more information Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky stated that the partnership with Cardi has proudly pushed boundaries and have put an emphasis on inclusivity and self- expression. He went on to say, “we’re so grateful for our partnership with Cardi over […]

Nicole McLaughlin and Reebok Reunite for Club C Geo Mid

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Reebok and former Reebok designer Nicole McLaughlin presents her interpretation of the Club C Geo Mid, one of Reebok’s newest women’s shapes. Earlier this season, the silhouette made its debut as a mid-cut variation of the well-liked Club C Double Geo, which debuted in 2021. Visit for more information Following her start at Reebok […]

CONCEPTS Unveil Reebok Questions Collaboration That Honors 96 Draft Class

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Reebok and Concepts, a Boston-based retailer of sneakers and streetwear, have announced its joint Question Mid collection, which pays homage to Allen Iverson’s 1996 draft class, his first signature shoe, and the year Concepts opened its first location. Before its broader release on October 22 via and select stores, the Concepts x Reebok Question […]

Reebok and Panini America Collaborate on Limited-Edition Question Sneaker

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Reebok and iconic sports car brand Panini has teased their collaboration, creating a limited-edition Question Mid “Blue Dazzle Prizm.” Visit for more information The promo sneaker has the Prizm parallel treatment all over Allen Iverson’s ’07 Denver player-edition model. Each package also comes with an exclusive gold vinyl “Mile High” Iverson trading card, which […]

Reebok to Release ‘Shaq Attaq’ Sneaker to Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Shaq’s First Signature Shoe

Reebok to Release 'Shaq Attaq' Sneaker to Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Shaq's First Signature Shoe

Reebok has announced that Shaquille O’Neal’s coveted “Shaq Attaq” sneaker will make a comeback on September 23. This comes as Reebok continues to highlight its extensive basketball archive through the likes of Allen Iverson’s Question and Answer lines, the revolutionary Hurrikaze and Hurrikaze II, Dee Brown’s Pump Omni Zone II, and more. Visit for […]

Reebok Reveals the New LX2200 Scheduled for Sept. 1 Drop

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Reebok has officially announced a September 1 release date for the brand-new LX2200, a contemporary take on one of its most recognizable running shoes, the LX8500. Visit for more information In 1985, Reebok released the LX8500, a high-end runner. The all-new LX2200, which debuts in autumn 2022, is inspired by that same design and […]