FOX Sitcom ‘Rel’ Canceled After its First Season


FOX has called it quits on Rel, the sitcom starring Lil Rel, Jess Hilarious and Sinbad is canceled after one season. Visit for more information Deadline reports the series was axed, however, it wasn’t that big of a surprise after the series’ original order was cut from 13 episodes to 12. In addition, the […]

Jess Hilarious Uploads Four-Minute Apology for Discriminating Against Muslim Men

JessHilariousUploadsFour MinuteApologyforDiscriminatingAgainstMuslimMen

Jess Hilarious made headlines this week for feeling “threatened” by four Sikh men boarding a plane who were later kicked off. Visit for more information After ignorantly justifying her actions in a series of since-deleted videos, she backpedaled and uploaded a seemingly more genuine apology. In the tearful four-minute video, Jess explains the situation, […]

Lil Rel Says he Feels Bad for Katt Williams

Lil Rel Says he Feels Bad for Katt Williams

Lil Rel stopped by Two Bees TV ahead of the premiere of the second episode of his series, Rel, at the 2018 Urbanworld Film Festival. He was one of the victims of Katt Williams’ rant about undeserving comedians so of course, that was a hot topic. Visit for more information He discussed many things […]