Ja Rule Responds to Eminem, Meanwhile Machine Gun Kelly Pops Bottles


WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE Michael Rapaport questioned why no one responded to “old-ass Eminem.” Pleading with rappers he asks that they “show some pride! for the sport, for the love of Hip Hop.” Well, Ja Rule has issued his response. Meanwhile, Machine Gun Kelly elected to pop a bottle of champagne in celebration, as “Not Alike” […]

#BlackPantherSoLIT: 10 Best Twitter Reactions to The Black Panther Cast


WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE Earlier this year, we began to get word of the developing motion picture adaptation of Marvel’s Black Panther. Recently, as more news has rolled out surrounding the cast–both established and potential members–the people have already spoken. The verdict? It’s lit. As Chadwick Boseman is set to reprise the role he took on […]

Crowd Does Nothing as Teens Brutally Beat Girl in Brooklyn


WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE In a Mcdonald’s in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, outrage has been sparked as a video is released showing a gang of teen girls in a massive brawl, but a crowd does nothing except stand and watch, and obviously videotape the savagery for Internet consumption.