Donald Trump Jr. at RNC: ‘We must put an end to racism’

Trump Jr. at RNC: 'We must put an end to racism'

Donald Trump Jr. spoke earlier this week at the Republican National Convention and while he took aim at Joe Biden calling him the “Loch Ness Monster of the swamp,” he also spoke against racism. During his Monday speech, President Trump’s son stated “All men and women are created equal and must be treated equally under […]

Media Members Will Not Be Allowed in the Republican National Convention

Bob Woodward's Book 'Rage' Claims Trump Knew About Severity of COVID-19 But Lied to Public to Avoid 'Panic'

The Republican National Convention has moved to Charlotte, North Carolina but the latest update is that press will not be allowed inside. The event will formally nominate President Donald Trump and his attempt to go back-to-back in the presidency, however, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has revealed the event will be closed off to media members. “[W]e […]

U.S. Hits 4 Million Covid-19 Cases, Trump Cancels Jacksonville RNC Activities


The United States has officially passed four million confirmed cases of COVID-19. According to CNN, a quarter of that number was amassed in just the last 15 days. The number of cases is of great concern for spreading in the South where officials rolled back closures earlier than other portions of the country. “We’ve rolled […]

Here’s Why Ted Cruz Still Refuses To Back Donald Trump

Ted Cruz Refuses

Today [Thursday, July 21] Ted Cruz spoke about his reasons for refusing to endorse Donald Trump as the Republican presidential candidate during a meeting where he was faced with questions from the Texas delegation in Cleveland. According to CNN, he stated he’s not “in the habit” of endorsing politicians who attack his family. Cruz was […]

Ben Carson Links Hillary Clinton to Satan During RNC Speech


Yes, you read that correctly. Running out of ammunition, the neurosurgeon-turned-presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson reached far into the depths of conspiracy theories involving Hillary Clinton to discredit the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. It was Tuesday evening [July 19, 2016] that Ben Carson addressed the thousands in attendance and millions more watching at home during […]

Donald Trump Calls on Attorney General to Investigate Black Lives Matter

trump tweet

Monday night [July 19], Donald Trump spoke with FOX’s Bill O’Reilly over the phone while at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Not straying from his usual banter, the presidential nominee went on to link the Black Lives Matter activist group to the recent slew of senseless violence against police officers, most recently in Baton […]