New Jersey Teen Arrested For Allegedly Drugging And Robbing Wealthy NYC Men

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19-year-old New Jersey resident Alexandra Martinez was arrested earlier this week on grand larceny charges after she was alleged to be drugging and robbing rich men in New York City boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Alexandra Martinez, 19, who was arrested Monday, targeted at least five men in Brooklyn and Manhattan — including one who took […]

Freemasonry Initiation Is To Blame For Alabama Movie Theater Robbery


Hoover, Alabama police were investigating the motive of 33 year old Britton Clayton Traylor, a Christian author who walked into an area movie theater with a lifelike mask and bb gun demanding money and the reason behind his crime is what is most disturbing. Traylor said that his brazen, broad daylight act at the Carmike […]

Pregnant Popeye’s Employee Fired After Being Robbed At Gunpoint


A pregnant manager for a Popeye’s restaurant in Channelview, Texas, was fired because she refused to reimburse the restaurant for $400 taken in a robbery Marissa Holcomb, a manager at a Popeye’s Restaurant in Texas, claimed she was fired after failing to pay back money that was stolen from the establishment at gunpoint. Holcomb said that […]

DMX Accused Of Robbing New Jersey Man Of $3,200 At A Gas Station

DMX Gas Robbery NY

In an ongoing investigation rapper DMX has been accused of robbing a NJ man at a gas station last weekend The attorney for rapper DMX is addressing allegations that his client robbed a man in Newark over the weekend, while police were at the gas station where the alleged crime took place looking for evidence […]