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Chadwick Boseman Named ‘Hero Of The Ages’ at MTV Movie and TV Awards

Chadwick Boseman's Wife Files Probate to Control Actor's $1M Estate

Chadwick Boseman was honored at this past Sunday’s MTV Movie & TV Awards. The annual celebration dubbed Boseman “Hero Of The Ages.” Visit for more information The late actor was commemorated by Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle during the award ceremony. “The second you first saw him onscreen or had the opportunity to […]

LAPD Investigating The Disappearance Of Iron Man Suit Used In Marvel FIlm


Robert Downey Jr.’s original Iron Man suit from the first film Iron Man (2008), which is worth $325k, has been stolen from a prop house in Los Angeles. Visit for more information In the last decade, superhero films have ruled the box office by destroying records and emerging a true success story. But, these […]

Scarlett Johansson Is Now the Highest Grossing Actress Of All Time

scarlett johansson jennifer lawrence morph jennifer lawrence and scarlett johansson merge into one seamless face of beauty jpeg

The blonde beauty does it one time for the ladies, landing the number 10 spot on the list of the highest grossing movie stars of all time. Scarlett Johansson, 31, has raked in $3.3 billion dollars in total, making her the 10th highest grossing actress on the list following behind an all male list of actors. […]

Everything We Know About The Cast of Upcoming Reboot “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

Captain America Civil War Spider Man Shield Official

We’re still nearly a year out from Spider-Man’s third reboot hitting theaters, but details about it have been arising almost daily regarding film. So here’s what we know so far: Tom Holland will reprise his role from Captain America: Civil War as “Peter Parker/Spider-Man” as a high school student struggling to balance school with crime fighting. Logan […]