Rory and Mal

Rory and Mal Drop First Episode of New Podcast After Departure From the JBP


New Rory and Mal! Visit for more information Weeks after being fired from The Joe Budden Podcast, on Friday, June 11, Rory Farrell and  Jamil ‘Mal’ Clay dropped the first episode from their new podcast, New Rory and Mal. “I just kind of wanted to shut the fuck up for a few weeks,” said […]

Katt Williams on Cancel Culture: ‘Nobody Likes The Speed Limit But It’s Necessary’

Katt Williams Alleges Cedric The Entertainer Stole His Joke For 'Kings of Comedy'

Many people argue that cancel culture “killed” a lot of things but Katt Williams questions if it even exists. Visit for more information Williams was asked “Where do you stand on comics’ ability to be comics without judgment and repercussions from cancel culture?” during a conversation on the Joe Budden podcast. “Some of these […]