Did You Know Chris Rock Was a DJ Before He Was a Comedian?

Chris Rock Learned That He Was 'Really Hard' On Himself Following Weekly Therapy Sessions

Chris Rock penned the foreword for a new photo book of the Beastie Boys and Run DMC called, “Together Forever” by Glen E. Friedman. Visit for more information “I was a DJ way before I told jokes. Run-DMC’s ‘Sucker M.C.’s’ taught me a lot about controlling the audience. I learned things about control and […]

10 Most Stylish Film Characters Played By Rappers

the source  most stylish movie characters played by rappers

We love seeing our favorite rappers take a turn to Hollywood. Visit for more information Giving MCs another notch on their belts to brag about on wax, acting can sometimes take a Hip-Hop star all the way to the Oscars — what’s good, Common! — or solidify a career that carries them years beyond […]

Happy 61st Birthday Russell Simmons!

Russell Simmons' Accuser Drags 'Breakfast Club' for Interviewing About Social Justice Amid Rape Allegations

Today we celebrate the 61st birthday of Hip Hop pioneer Russell Simmons! Visit for more information Since the founding of Def Jam Recordings in 1983, Russell Simmons has been an instrumental part in the advancement of Hip Hop culture. Over his illustrious career Russell has launched the careers of multi-platinum artists (LL Cool J, Beastie […]

Run-D.M.C. Drops Their Third LP ‘Raising Hell’ 32 Years Ago

Run D

32 years ago, amidst the explosion of crack cocaine in the inner cities, one of the hottest albums from the Hollis Crew came out and further solidified their status of royalty in the world of Hip Hop. Today Run-D.M.C.’s third album celebrates its born day. Visit for more information Raising Hell was the album […]

Today In Hip Hop History: Run-D.M.C. Drops Self-TItled Debut Album 34 Years Ago

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Today marks the 34nd anniversary of the release of Run-D.M.C.’s seminal self-titled album. Released in 1984, the album put Daryl McDaniels (DMC), Joseph Simmons (Rev. Run) and Jason Mizell (Jam Master Jay) on the map, and launched one of the most successful careers Hip Hop has ever seen. Visit for more information With songs […]

Today In Hip Hop History: Run-D.M.C. Releases ‘Raising Hell’ 30 Years Ago


On this day in Hip Hop history, Queens trio Run-D.M.C. released their third studio album, Raising Hell. Containing some of their most recognizable singles, this project is easily the group’s most critically acclaimed album. This album’s success came in large part from the addition of Rick Rubin to the Run-D.M.C. creative team. Rubin’s love for metal […]

Today in Hip Hop History: Run-D.M.C. Releases ‘King of Rock’ Album 31 Years Ago

Run DMC King of Rock

On this day in Hip Hop history [Thursday, January 21] Run-D.M.C. released their second studio LP, King of Rock. Visit for more information The title of this project really dictates its sound. You can hear from the beginning of the album it’s heavily rock inspired production, with power chords and high energy drum patterns […]