Russ Returns with Self-Produced Track “Drives”

Russ Returns with Self-Produced Track "Drives"

Russ makes a resounding entrance into 2024 by releasing his latest track, “Drives.” Produced by Russ himself, the song showcases his vocal versatility and adeptness at traversing various musical genres. This single marks Russ’ inaugural release of the year, following the success of his introspective and chart-topping album, “SANTIAGO,” which dropped last summer. “Drives” is […]

Russ Delivers Gets Introspective on New Album ‘SANTIAGO’


With an astounding career stream count surpassing 21 billion, RUSS unveils his deeply intimate and introspective masterpiece, SANTIAGO. The album, released today, elegantly melds his distinctive hip-hop and R&B stylings, inviting listeners on a transformative expedition of self-love and self-discovery. Navigating the challenges of the music industry, Russ preserves his authenticity as an independent artist, […]

Russ Renames Tour ‘THE JOURNEY IS EVERYTHING,’ Announces New DIEMON Signee

Russ Renames Tour 'THE JOURNEY IS EVERYTHING,' Announces New DIEMON Signee

The JOURNEY IS EVERYTHING TOUR is the new moniker for RUSS’s world tour, which will be supported by collaborator KTYLN. Visit for more information Russ has just released an extended version of his smash tune “Handsomer,” following the success of his recent “Handsomer” remix release. Two new verses will be included in the expanded […]

Russ Issues a Challenge to Rappers To Go Hard in Rap Again

Russ is planning on expanding his one-man lyrical wrecking crew with lyrical rappers in the near future. On Friday, December 10th during an exclusive interview with Ebro Darden for Rap Life Radio on Apple Music 1. Russ opened up about his recent CHOMP 2 album and explained his intentions in cultivating the brand are rooted in encouraging […]

Russ Drops ‘CHOMP 2’ LP, Features Wale, Mozzy, Big Sean & More

Russ Drops 'CHOMP 2' LP, Features Wale, Mozzy, Big Sean & More

Accompanied with an all-star cast, Russ closes out 2021 with the release of the highly-anticipated sequel album, CHOMP 2, out now, via Russ My Way Inc. Visit for more information MORE: Kehlani: “I Just Told Russ I Would Make An Album With Him…” The second installment to 2020 original, which includes the Ab-Soul-featured hit […]

Kehlani: “I Just Told Russ I Would Make An Album With Him…”

Kehlani russ

Kehlani teased her Instagram followers with a potential collaboration album with Russ in the works while the two partied in Las Vegas on Friday (Oct. 8).  Visit for more information MORE: Russ announces he is now an independent artist In an uploaded clip to social media, Kehlani is seen hugging on the “What They […]

Russ Jabs ‘Lil Pimp’ and Points Out How He Became Popular

Donald Trump Brings Out Lil Pump On Final Campaign Rally

Lil Pimp, I mean Pump, is getting a resurgence in headlines. The rapper that is known for “Gucci Gang” and not much else, popped up on the campaign trail with Trump and led to a collective eye roll across the nation. Visit for more information With Trump appearing to be near the end of […]

Steve Stoute Says if Drake Goes Indie the ‘Music Business is Over’

Drake Rumored to Release New Single with Bruno Mars Ahead of Album Release

If you believe Steve Stoute, he thinks the future of the recording industry is in the hands of Drake. The reveal comes from a conversation between Russ and Stoute at the virtual SelectCon conference and stated an independent Drake ends the music business. Visit for more information “If Drake goes independent, the music business […]

Russ Announces He is Now An Independent Artist

Russ is once again an independent artist and in celebration, he copped his mom a Bentley. Visit for more information Russ his Instagram and made the declaration, alluding that he will flood the scene with music in the forthcoming days. “Here to officially announce that I’m back 100% independent,” Russ wrote. “Y’all know what […]

Lil Wayne ‘Funeral’ Earns #1 Billboard Spot

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s Funeral LP became the New Orleans rapper’s fifth album to earn #1 on the Billboard 200. The 24 track LP sold 139,000 copies in its debut week which includes 134 million streams according to Forbes. Visit for more information Wayne took over the top spot on Billboard which was owned by Roddy […]

Russ Explains Why Benny The Butcher is His Favorite Rapper

“He’s f*cking hard, his rapping is insane. His lines are insane, his delivery is insane. You can tell he’s real.” Russ recently stated who his favorite rapper is right now and he gave more detail on why for the Rap Radar Podcast. Russ sat down with Elliott Wilson and B. Dot in Los Angeles on […]

On The Rise: Russ Is Clearly An Artist To Watch In 2017


For those who chose to hibernate this past year, Atlanta native Russ is an artist who has splashed onto the music industry with full force. As a writer, producer, and engineer, Russ gives the word “dynamic” a new meaning. His creative abilities set him apart from any other artist in hip-hop. Visit for more […]