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How Fashion is Honoring “An Hour For Ukraine” Initiative


Fashion designers in the British capital are uniting to advance the “An Hour For Ukraine” initiative before Christmas. With support from the archbishop of Canterbury and the mayor of London, British landmarks will switch their festive lights off for an hour at 8pm local time on Wednesday, the darkest day of 2022. These landmarks include […]

No More Vodka From Russia, President Biden Announces Sanctions Amid Ukraine Invasion

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President Biden is calling for the removal of normal trade relations with Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. The move would allow for new tariffs on Russian imports, which Biden said would be a “crushing blow” to Russia’s economy. Visit for more information Biden said Friday, “The free world is coming together to confront” […]

Trump Calls Putin A “Genius” For Ukraine Invasion

Trump might’ve gotten kicked off of every social media platform, but we sure still do hear a lot from him. The former President shared his thoughts about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and admiration for Russian President Vladamir Putin on the right-wing radio show The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show. Visit for more information […]

Cardi B Has Thoughts On The Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Cardi B russia-ukraine crisis

Cardi B is sharing her thoughts on the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The “Up” rapper took to Twitter early Tuesday morning to give her take on the situation. Visit for more information In response to a fan, she wrote that she wished world leaders would “stop tripping about power” and think about who’s getting affected by […]