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Salaam Remi Answers What It Means to Be ‘Black on Purpose’

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As a producer, Salaam Remi proves that there is a market for music created for Generation X that does not feel old or dated. Visit for more information His new album, Black on Purpose, embodies the Remi spirit that has curated signature sounds for Jazmine Sullivan, the Fugees, Amy Winehouse, and so many in […]

Mumu Fresh Releases New CGI Video That Gives a Real Reason to Stay In During COVID-19

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Mumu Fresh releases her new joint “EmOGs” with vet Hip-Hop producer Salaam Remi and kicks it off an example of how ladies can check their men who keep going outside during the coronavirus pandemic. Visit for more information One of Hip-Hop’s freshest talents, Maimouna Youssef has a voice (whether singing or emceeing) is top […]

Listen to Sweet Da Kid’s Latest EP “Your Mother’s Other Son”


With the buzz of Sony’s SXSW producer showcase performance dying down, Sweet Da Kid’s EP, Your Mother’s Other Son, has dropped and not a moment too soon. Visit for more information The Jersey native capitalizes on the Garden State’s ability to keep a multi-regional sound, leaving the listener guessing hometowns. On the six-track mosaic, […]