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[WATCH] Cardi B And Raven Symone Officiate Same-Sex Couple’s Wedding

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Not long after Cardi B and her husband Offset welcome their second child, the BX rapstress joined up with actress Raven Symone to officiate a lesbian wedding. Visit for more information While the Oh So Raven star stood in as ring bearer for the ceremony, Cardi brought the two women together in holy matrimony. […]

Jean-Claude Van Damme Criticized For Same-Sex Marriage Comments


Jean-Claude Van Damme has been criticized for comments he made about same-sex marriage during an appearance on French TV over the weekend. Visit for more information The actor, who has starred in such films as Street Fighter, Sudden Death and The Expendables 2, made the offensive remarks during a guest appearance on the talk […]

NC Files Bill To Make Same-Sex Marriage Illegal Again


Three Republican lawmakers filed today a new bill, which seeks to ban gay marriage in North Carolina. The “Uphold Historical Marriage Act” aims to invalidate the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 ruling on same-sex marriage, claiming they violated “constitutional bounds” when the Court dismantled Amendment One. Visit for more information More than 60 percent of […]

Check Prez Obama Doing the Lipala Dance in Kenya

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Visit for more information Although strongly advised not to, President Barack Obama visited Kenya recently to vouch for the rights of the LGBT community. In Kenya, gay sex is punishable for up to 14 years. He compared the oppression of the LGBT community to the oppression of race. He said he was “painfully aware […]

Love All Around The States: Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Nationwide

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Nationwide love is truly in the air as the Supreme Court rules on same-sex marriage in the U.S. Visit for more information On Friday, a divided Supreme Court ruled that states can not ban same-sex marriage. This in turn established a new civil right and way that states handle gay rights. This decision in […]

Hillary Clinton Changes Her Campaign Logo

It’s no secret that Hilary Clinton is prepping for a 2016 run at the United States presidency–and history. Hillary usually has a few tricks up her sleeve, but her next stunt has people scratching their heads. On Tuesday, Hillary posted her logo on her Twitter page with a rainbow-painted. Yesterday, oral arguments in the Supreme […]

Hillary Clinton’s Pivot on Same-Sex Marriage Leaves Voters Confused

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Just last year, the media went crazy when 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went on public radio and fell short in supporting same-sex marriage. Well now, Clinton has changed her tune in such a shocking way, voters are skeptical. Visit for more information “Hillary Clinton supports marriage equality and hopes the Supreme Court will […]