Simply Naked Candle Company’s Nostalgic Twist on Scent Using Black Music

Simply Naked Candle

Entertaining is all about triggering the senses! And there’s no greater powerful mix of them than smell and sound. From the moment a sanctuary is entered the music defines your experience and the smell of Sunday dinner could heal a nation. But when combined, black-owned store front Simply Naked Candle Company aces the assignment!  Visit […]

Sammie…. Why Grown Women Want To Do More Than Kiss Him Through The Phone

Sammie pres photo  billboard

Sammie is 32. With his new 13 track album, Everlasting, the singer puts all of those reservations aside. He is totally grown up and is every bit of sexy as his big brother, Tank. And believe or not, it is ok to listen to his music and not feel weird. It is a quality and strong album, talking real grown man sh*t. People have been asking for a real R&B album and here you go.

Sammie Releases New Sexy Video for “Too Long”

Sammie Releases New Sexy Video for "Too Long"

Sammie seems to have confidently evolved over the past 18 years by the sounds of his Coming of Age album. Visit for more information The R&B crooner is back with the latest visuals for his song “Too Long”. The track nods to R. Kelly’s hit single “You Remind Me of Something”, and is the […]