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Texas Officials Say Sandra Bland Committed Suicide Due to Lack of Familial Support


Texas officials have revealed why they believe Sandra Bland committed suicide in her cell. According to Chicago Sun Times, Larry Simmons, the attorney for Waller County, says that Bland committed suicide after her family and friends refused to pay her bail of $515. Visit for more information In the appeal filed by the Waller County Sheriff’s […]

Texas Football Player Shot and Killed By Rookie Cop

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Another unarmed African-American male has been shot and killed by a police officer. This time in Texas. Visit for more information 19-year old Christian Taylor was shot and killed by Arlington rookie cop, Brad Miller, Friday morning after an alleged robbery. According to reports, Arlington police were investigating a reported burglary at a car […]

Sandra Bland’s Family Files Lawsuit Against State Trooper


The family of Sandra Bland still want answers to why the young woman was found dead in her jail cell days after being arrested for “illegally” switching lanes. During a press conference in Houston on Tuesday, lawyer for the family of Bland, Cannon Lambert announced that the family is filing a lawsuit against the state trooper […]

Videos of Sandra Bland In Texas Jail Has Been Released

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Visit for more information Additional footage of Sandra Bland‘s last days has surfaced in efforts to kill any rumors of her death being anything other than a suicide. Allegedly, there are hours of footage in the course of the 3 days where Sandra Bland is well and alive in the Waller County Jail. The […]

Idiot Hotel Manager Mocks Sandra Bland With Hanging Doll

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The manager of Adams Mark Hotel in Kansas City has been fired for committing a despicable, racist act in one of the hotel’s offices. Visit for more information The manager, a white man, hung a “slave doll” from one of the hotel’s offices doorways, using a trash bag to hang it from the frame. […]

Sandra Bland Dash-Cam Footage Released

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Visit for more information Why was Sandra Bland arrested for not using a traffic signal? Watch the Released dash-cam video and you be the judge Texas Department of Public Safety has released the dash-cam footage that shows the moments before Sandra Bland‘s arrest are questionable. Advertisement The 52 minute clip above starts at 2:00 […]

Sandra Bland’s Death to be Investigated as a Murder

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Get to the bottom of it, Texas Visit for more information Last week, an extremely troubling and disheartening story broke out of Waller County, Texas, in which an ambitious woman was found dead in her jail cell just 2 days after driving down south to begin a new job. According to several reports, the […]