[Watch] UK artist TE dness releases catchy new video ‘Saucy’


TE dness presents ‘Saucy,’ the highly anticipated video for one of the most popular songs from  his recent project ‘Trap Nominated’. Visit for more information An eye catching colourful video, featuring pretty ladies and branded tops. The West London rapper who is known for his relatable lyrics,  raps “saucy saucy i’m a saucy n*gga, saucy […]

[VIDEO] Conrad- Saucy

Saoucy Conrad

Conrad is a charismatic and dynamic entertainer with big goals in the music industry. Visit for more information His records contain witty lyrics, melodic beats, and catchy hooks that will stay stuck in your head.  Conrad is poised to attract a new following with his eclectic brand. Raw talent, intense flows, and banging beats […]