Quavo Claims He Repossessed Saweetie’s Bentley In New Verse

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Quavo and Saweetie’s breakup has been ugly, to say the least. Just three weeks ago the self-proclaimed “Icy Girl” announced the couple’s breakup on Twitter, which led to passive aggressive tweet exchanges between the two, ending in Saweetie telling Quavo to “Take care”. The former couples interactions had social media in a frenzy, leading to […]

Saweetie and Quavo Release Separate Statements on Elevator Video


Over the past week, Saweetie and Quavo‘s relationship, and specifically an elevator incident in 2020, has been the subject of social media. Visit for more information While the Internet debates the matter, both parties have released statements in regards to the leaked video. “This unfortunate incident happened a year ago, while we have reconciled […]

LAPD Examining Elevator Incident Between Saweetie and Quavo


The Saweetie and Quavo elevator incident is now being reviewed by the Los Angeles Police Department. Visit for more information After leaking the video, TMZ now states the video was from a North Hollywood apartment complex that Saweetie was renting at the time. After the video hit the net, LAPD detectives watched the video […]

Solange Trends After Video of Quavo and Saweetie’s Physical Altercation Surfaces


Fans are calling on Solange after this shocking video of Quavo and Saweetie went viral. Visit for more information Quavo and Saweetie are back in the news cycle but this time it’s because a shocking video surfaced of the ex-couple having a physical altercation in the elevator of a North Hollywood apartment complex surfaced […]

Saweetie Previews “Risky” Single in Honor of “Pretty B*tch Summer”


With Saweetie’s newfound independence, fans are anticipating some new music from the Icy Princess. Recently, Saweetie sat down on Behind The Rhyme’s, The Walkthrough where she briefly touched on her upcoming album and showed a snippet of her new music in honor of “pretty b*tch summer.” Visit for more information “There’s a song called ‘Risky’ and […]

DJ Akademiks Feels Saweetie Held Quavo Back


Another day, another power couple calls it quits. It has been only a few days since the Icy girl and glacier boy have publically split. In a tweet to her fans, Saweetie let it be known that she has decided to leave the Atlanta rap star due to his cheating in the relationship that she […]

Quavo Seemingly Takes Aim At Saweetie in Unreleased Song Preview

Quavo Stars in 'Crash Bandicoot' Trailer

Saweetie and Quavo were a hot topic last week when the Icy Girl announced her split from the Glacier Boy. Visit for more information The ex-couple have both been working relentlessly since their break up and it sounds like the Migos rapper is taking aim at Saweetie in an unreleased record. “Sweet little b*tch, […]

Saweetie Admits That She Suffered From PTSD Following Hot 97 Freestyle


Not every rapper can freestyle, and Saweetie admitted that she suffered from PTSD after she was put to the test by Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez on Hot 97. Visit for more information The Icy Girl graced the cover of Cosmopolitan for their April issue and spoke candidly about the 2018 freestyle. […]

Quavo Disclaims Having Saweetie’s Bentley Repossessed

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Rumors around Quavo and Saweetie’s breakup suggested that Quavo reposssessed Saweetie’s Christmas gift, the ICY Queens Bentley, which was customized exclusively for her. Whether Saweetie should be able to keep her Bentley was a hot topic over the weekend, all over social media. Visit for more information The reports hit Twitter swiftly but now […]

50 Cent Chimes in on Quavo and Saweetie Break Up

50 Cent Reacts to Surgeon Who Saved His Life After He Was Shot Pleading Guilty to Health Care Fraud

We all could have seen this coming. Visit for more information Shortly after Quavo and Saweetie announced their split on Twitter, social media erupted with memes and comments about the two’s relationship. In typical 50 Cent fashion, the rapper and entertainment mogul chimed in on the split as well. 50 Cent posted on his […]

Saweetie Says Lil Kim Has the Best Bars in Female Rap Herstory


Saweetie is giving her flowers to Lil Kim.  Visit for more information During an interview with Issa Rae, Saweetie reveals who she thinks has the best bar in female rap ‘herstory.’ Saweetie was featured on, “Issa’s Radio Show,” the Apple Music podcast with Issa Rae. In that interview, the “Best Friend” rapper bestowed her honors […]

Saweetie Sets Cardi B Beef Rumors Straight


For the longest period of time, fans believed that there was some tension between rappers, Cardi B and Saweetie. Just last month Cardi B released her single, “Up” when fans noticed she had a catchphrase in her song that Saweetie is known for using. Many wondered why Cardi didn’t add the “Tap In” rapper on […]

Saweetie and Doja Cat Unite for New Banger ‘Best Friend’

Saweetie is gearing up for the release of her Pretty B*tch Music album and the latest preview is the club anthem “Best Friend,” featuring Doja Cat.

Saweetie is gearing up for the release of her Pretty B*tch Music album and the latest preview is the club anthem “Best Friend,” featuring Doja Cat. Visit for more information The new single shows the instant chemistry between the two and is the perfect single for a night out on the town or inside […]

Warner Records Removes Saweetie’s Doja Cat Collaboration After She Sounds Off About Premature Release: ‘The thirst for clout & $ is real’

Saweetie Partners with Xbox for Inaugural 'Saweetie Bowl'

Saweetie’s quarantine pics been going up and not one of them missed yet! It’s only right that the Icy Girl drops some new music. Visit for more information A surprise new track featuring the West Coast rapper and Doja Cat was released last night and according to her it was “prematurely” released and she […]

Quavo Shuts Down Unusual Reginae Carter Dating Rumors

Quavo Addresses Lil Peep Controversy Over "Big Bro" Lyrics

Quavo quickly defended his relationship as some bizarre rumors began to surface. He assured that everything is copacetic in the Glacier/So Icy home. Visit for more information Since the beginning of their relationship, Quavo and Saweetie have been one of Hip-Hop’s cutest young couples. The two even started a couple of trending topic after […]

Cardi B & Offset Give Their Take On The Birkin Bag Drama

Rep From Cardi B's Camp Denies Rumors That Offset is Expecting Another Baby

The Birkin Bag saga continues. Now Cardi B & Offset have a message as well. Visit for more information Over the past few months, the Birkin Bag has become a phenomenon amongst Hip-Hop celebrities and consumer culture. The Hermes purse has popped up on the scene for a number of birthday gifts. Most recently […]

Saweetie Releases New Single ‘Back to the Streets’ Featuring Jhene Aiko

Saweetie Releases New Single 'Back to the Streets' Featuring Jhene Aiko

After hosting a live stream with fans courtesy of Jack Daniel’s, Saweetie has released her new single “Back to the Streets,” featuring Jhene Aiko. Visit for more information The new single takes listeners on a journey of getting over an ex while getting in order to raise to a new level. The single follows […]

Exclusive: Saweetie Talks Her New Jack Daniel’s Collaboration, New Music, and More

Saweetie Photo By Blair Caldwell

Saweetie has partnered with Jack Daniel’s Flavors for the “Flavors of Fall” campaign. The partnership will give fans access to new music through the live stream series, which will provide a preview of her new single “Back to the Streets.” Visit for more information During the livestream, Saweetie and Jack Daniel’s U.S. brand Ambassador […]