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Three Times Hollywood Made Us Want to be Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

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Believe it or not, Hollywood has always been obsessed with Black women and our culture. Visit for more information Maybe obsessed is not the word… fetishized by how absolutely amazing we are. We are more than just a hashtag. And while #BlackGirlMagic is a cool idea… there is no such thing as hocus pocus […]

Spike Lee & Friends Say “Wake Up!” In Video For Bernie Sanders


Spike Lee continues to reaffirm his support for Bernie Sanders in the presidential election, in which this time he adds new fuel to an old flame. In Spike’s new Bernie Sanders campaign ad, his call to action is loud and direct with the all too familiar “Wake Up!” message that stuck with us from Lee’s […]

Where Did The Time Go? Spike Lee’s ‘School Daze’ Turns 28 Today

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The classic Black film that is School Daze celebrates its 28th anniversary today. Visit for more information Released in 1988, the film was a musical comedy written and directed by Spike Lee, who also starred as the naive “Half Pint” pledge. Following the pledge and his brothers throwing pledging activities, the story touches on […]

Five Must Watch Movies During Black History Month

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The art of storytelling through cinema has become one of the most moving ways a perspective can be shared. It is also known that Black people have had an interesting legacy in America since our arrival. While some Black History Month narratives are told over and over again, some are harder to get a hold […]