New Jersey Resident Sues State Over Segregated Schools

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A New Jersey man filed a lawsuit against the state on Thursday (May 17) in an attempt to force local officials to do away with de-facto segregation in schools. Visit for more information The New York Times reported that Christian Estevez, who is Dominican, filed the lawsuit with the support of community groups, parents […]

LeBron James Set to Open “I Promise” Schools in Ohio Next Year

LeBron James Set to Open "I Promise" Schools Ohio Next Year

LeBron James continues to make his home town of Akron, Ohio proud. The school board in James‘ hometown has approved the plan for a public school being created in partnership with the NBA star’s foundation. Visit for more information The LeBron James Family Foundation says the “I Promise” School in Akron will be geared toward […]

94 Public Schools Close In Detroit Due To Teachers Calling In Sick


As reported today by CNN, 94 out of 97 Detroit public schools closed this morning [Monday, May 2] after a mass number of teachers called in sick. Visit for more information When the teachers learned this past weekend that they may not be paid after June 30, more than 1,500 of them called in […]

Los Angeles Schools Shut Down For the Day After Bomb Threat

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Thousands of Los Angeles school children have been sent home after a threat was issued to the school district Tuesday morning. Visit for more information According to NBC News, the Los Angeles school board received a bomb threat through an unidentified e-mail, and superintendent Ramon Cortines immediately issued parents the directive to keep their children […]