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It’s Been 5 Years Since Marshawn Lynch’s ‘Beast Quake’ Run

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Before the ‘Beast Quake’ run that happened January 8th, 2011, Marshawn Lynch was another good but not yet great running back who a few months earlier, was traded to the Seattle Seahawks from the Buffalo Bills. But one evening against the 11-5 defending champion New Orleans Saints, though, changed his career forever. Before the run, the Seahawks were […]

Could The Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl 49 Loss Have Been Marshawn Lynch’s Last NFL Game?

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Seahawks should’ve been ‘thankful’  Visit for more information Since before the beginning of the 2014-15 NFL Season, there have long been rumors that Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch might consider retiring after this season. Who could blame them? After losing the Superbowl because they decided not to give him the ball in the final seconds. On […]

Naturally, Marshawn Lynch Shoved Cameras Out Of His Face After Superbowl XLIX

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Lynch wasn’t in a talking mood after last night’s devastating loss. But who was? Visit for more information Marshawn Lynch hasn’t traditionally answered the media’s questions for as far back as we can remember. So, last night, after a mind-boggling 2nd down call that allowed Russell Wilson to drop back and throw an interception […]

Marshawn Lynch Finally Spoke To The Media & It Wasn’t Pretty

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You wanted him to speak, right? @Media @Journalists @Reporters Visit for more information Marshawn Lynch has been stonewalling the media for the better part of the past 2 months, and today, in day 3 of NFL Media Day, he finally opened up to the cameras and reporters that surrounded him, and in hindsight, we’re […]

Stephen A. Smith To Marshawn Lynch: “You Aren’t Paid Just To Play”

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Stephen A. is not happy with Lynch’s antics over the past few weeks Visit for more information What began as a mildly amusing post-game stunt is now a nationwide debate for some, and an “issue” for many. Marshawn Lynch‘s “refusal”–he makes himself available for questioning but always picks an inconclusive phrase to reply to […]

Marshawn Lynch FINALLY Gives “The Media” Some Real Answers

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Visit for more information Well, what wouldn’t he do for some Skittles? The last few weeks of the regular season and the past two weeks of the postseason have been hard on Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks. After struggling to get out of the gate in September, the Seahawks had to fight off […]