Cam Newton Shares Who His First Celebrity Crush Was (Video)

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  Cam Newton will be hosting the Seahawks on Sunday at 1:05pm will that be his last game of the season? or will him and his panthers advance to the NFC Championship. Who knows. But we do know one thing who his first crush was, his all-time favorite breakfast cereal and more from his most […]

Teen Takes Life While Taking Gun Selfie on Instagram

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A Houston teenager is dead after his attempt to take a selfie with a gun for Instagram took a turn for the worst. 19-year old Deleon Alonso Smith was taking a selfie with a gun to post on the popular picture sharing website yesterday, when the firearm went off and pierced his throat. The teen’s uncle tried to […]

Selfie Sends East Tennessee Man To Prison


A selfie of Malik First Born Allah Farrad was all the evidence a federal jury needed to convict him of possessing firearms The problem with 40-year-old Malik First Born Allah Farrad’s selfie is that as a convicted felon, it’s illegal for him to possess firearms. In 2000, the former Marvin Buckles was convicted of assault, drug and […]

Woman Accidentally Shoots Herself in the Head While Taking Selfie

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This is a horrible story… A Russian woman is fighting for her life at Moscow’s Sklifosovsky Institute after the nearly killed herself trying to take a picture. The Independent reports that on Thursday, the woman picked up a handgun reportedly left lying around by a security guard, and posed with it. She accidentally fired the gun […]