Teen Takes Life While Taking Gun Selfie on Instagram

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A Houston teenager is dead after his attempt to take a selfie with a gun for Instagram took a turn for the worst. Visit for more information 19-year old Deleon Alonso Smith was taking a selfie with a gun to post on the popular picture sharing website yesterday, when the firearm went off and pierced his throat. […]

Selfie Sends East Tennessee Man To Prison


A selfie of Malik First Born Allah Farrad was all the evidence a federal jury needed to convict him of possessing firearms Visit for more information The problem with 40-year-old Malik First Born Allah Farrad’s selfie is that as a convicted felon, it’s illegal for him to possess firearms. In 2000, the former Marvin Buckles was […]

Woman Accidentally Shoots Herself in the Head While Taking Selfie

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This is a horrible story… Visit for more information A Russian woman is fighting for her life at Moscow’s Sklifosovsky Institute after the nearly killed herself trying to take a picture. The Independent reports that on Thursday, the woman picked up a handgun reportedly left lying around by a security guard, and posed with it. […]