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Safaree Inks Seven Figure Deal with Sex Toy Creator

Safaree Booed At Dyckman Park Basketball Game In NYC

Talk about Safaree’s private parts don’t look to be silenced anytime soon. Near the top of the year, his nudes leaked onto everyone’s timelines and were once again brought up in a public rift with ex-bae Nicki Minaj. Looks like it will all pay off as Safaree will now receive a 7-figure deal as a […]

Oregon Militia Sent Sex Toys After Asking Supporters For Supplies Online


Since January 2nd, a group of armed militants have taken over a federal building at the Masher Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. They’ve taken these measures in protest of the federal government’s land use policies. There has been much conjecture amongst the public regarding the lack of force used by the government to remove them, in […]

Latest Sex Toy Trend For Women Is A Stimulating One

Fiera Arouser Launch Event HhOCyXbwJRl

Lil Kim was one of the first ladies of Hip Hop to speak out about something very important: oral sex. Visit for more information “The only way you seein’ me is if you eatin’ me,” Lil’ Kim rapped back in 1996 on “Not Tonight,” as women everywhere yelled, “preeeeeeach.” As women of all sexual […]

High School Counselor Tells Students to Take a Picture With Parents Adult Toys

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A high school teacher is in hot water after asking his students for a silly extra credit request. According to Madame Noire, the counselor from Alameda, California asked his after school students to look in their parents drawer and take a selfie with their adult toys or condoms for extra credit. Parents of the students […]