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Gwyneth Paltrow: Brad Pitt Threatened To Kill Harvey Weinstein For Making Pass At Me

Gwenyth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is opening up about the night Brad Pitt physically confronted Harvey Weinstein after he “made a pass” at the actress, threatening to kill the troubled former filmmaking mogul. Visit for more information During a conversation with Howard Stern on Wednesday, Paltrow described the time her then-boyfriend Pitt confronted the producer in 1995 […]

‘Me Too’ Social Campaign Goes Viral

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Words by Shanice Stephanie Visit for more information A simple hashtag, ‘Me Too’ became a viral outcry from women and some men all over via social media. On Sunday October 15th actress Alyssa Milano tweeted a photo that read, “Suggested by a friend: If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted […]

Amazon Top Exec Suspended After Sexual Harassment Claim


Roy Price, Vice President Amazon Studios and global head of Prime Video content, has been suspended from the retail giant and streaming platform following a harassment claim from one of the company’s producers. Visit for more information “Roy Price is on leave of absence effective immediately,” an Amazon spokesperson said Thursday in a statement, […]

Terry Crews Shares Shocking Story About Being Sexually Assaulted by a Hollywood Exec

Words by Fatima Barries Visit for more information Terry Crews empathizes with victims of sexual assault and harassment. Amid the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment allegations, actor Terry Crews took to twitter yesterday afternoon and shared his own traumatic experience of sexual assault by a Hollywood executive. Taking place at a Hollywood function he attended […]

Diddy Sued By Personal Chef For Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Termination

Rap mogul Diddy has been sued by a personal chef who says she worked long hours without extra pay and was made uneasy by serving meals after sex parties. Visit for more information Cindy Rueda sought an unspecified amount in damages for allegations — denied by Diddy — that include sexual harassment and failure […]

Sean Hannity Denies Sexual Harrassment Claims From Fox News Contributor


Fox News host Sean Hannity has been forced to deny he sexually harassed a former guest on his popular cable news program. Visit for more information Debbie Schlussel said the married primetime anchor invited her back to his hotel in Detroit after the pair met at a book signing. After the conservative political commentator […]