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Shannade Clermont Was Finally Released From Prison

Shannade Clermont Was Finally Released From Prison

They let Shannade Clermont out the you know! The other half of the Clermont Twins is reunited with her sister, Shannon Clermont, after serving time for fraud. The model met a man on a prostitution date who died at the end of the night but she escaped with his credit card and ran up about […]

Clermont Twin Speaks: Claims Sugar Daddy ‘Was Not An Innocent Person’

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Shannade Clermont of the infamous Clermont twins speaks on the last night with her dead sugar daddy and claims he ‘was not an innocent person’. One half of the.popular Instagram model duo The Clermont Twins finally speaks on the fatal night with her ‘sugar daddy’. Shannade Clermont, 25, was sentenced to a year in prison […]

Shannade Clermont Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Wire Fraud


Shannade Clermont has been sentenced to one year in the slammer for wire fraud charges. The reality star was sentenced after pleading guilty to one count of felony wire fraud. The Clermont twin ran up the credit card of a dead man that she set up a date with as an escort. USA Berman: As […]

Shannade Clermont Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Faces 20 Years in Jail


Yeezy model and former Bad Girls Club star, Shannade Clermont, pled guilty to fraud after being arrested for going on a shopping binge with a dead man’s credit card, as indicated by The Blast. The social media sensation was caught back in July after she accumulated at least $20,000 in charges on the records of […]

Former Kanye Model Denied Passport Return After Identity Theft Arrest

The former Yeezy model accused of shopping with a dead man’s credit card wants her passport back so she can get out of dodge, but the judge wasn’t hearing it, refusing the model’s request. According to the discovery motion in Shannade Clermont‘s criminal case, she was preparing to move to Atlanta before getting arrested and […]

Former Kanye West Model Faces Prison After Stealing Dead Man’s Identity

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Shannade Clermont, former Bad Girls Club star and recent model for Kanye West’s Yeezy campaign is facing charges of wire fraud, device fraud and aggravated identity theft after allegedly stealing the debit card of a deceased man following a prostitution date. Shannade, who is one half of the Instagram-famous Clermont Twins, with sister Shannon, is […]

Shannade Clermont Arrested for Spending $20K on Dead Man’s Credit Card


Bad Girls Club star, Shannade Clermont, was arrested for identity theft of man who was discovered dead in his Manhattan home from a drug overdose after she visited him for a “prostitution date.” Manhattan government prosecutors and the NYPD have busted the twin, saying she utilized a dead man’s platinum card to pile on $20,000 […]