Shiggy Stars in Foot Locker x Nike Discover Your Air Commercial

Shiggy Stars in Foot Locker x Nike Discover Your Air Commercial

Shiggy has come a long way from creating and uploading skits to Instagram. The comedian is the face of the Foot Locker x Nike Discover Your Air Network: Airuption Commercial. He is seen inside of a Foot Locker store asking for a pair of sneakers. “Hey, do you guys have the new Air Max 270s?” […]

Shiggy Says Drake Gave him Advice After he was Exposed on Instagram

Shiggy Says Drake Gave him Advice After he was Exposed on Instagram

Shiggy came through the opening night of the Urbanworld Film Festival for the pre-screening of Kevin Hart’s new film, ‘Night School,’ starring Tiffany Haddish. The social media comedian came through Two Bees TV and said Drake gave him advice after a girl exposed him sliding in her DMs while he’s in a relationship. View this […]

Drake Brings Out Shiggy in NYC at Aubrey and The Migos Tour

Drake Brings Out Shiggy in NYC at Aubrey and The Migos Tour

Drake and the Migos came to New York City for an entire week for their joint Aubrey and The Migos tour. They performed in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center for first half of the tour, and they’re finishing off their week long NYC run at the Madison Square Garden. Aside from the dope aesthetic, Drizzy […]

[WATCH] Fabolous Snatches Shiggy’s Collar At Concert


The online comedian had an up close and personal convo with Fabolous and it seemed like it didn’t go the way it should have for Shiggy. The Brooklyn emcee, who recently has been embroiled in the headlines with domestic violence accusations, was recorded grabbing up Shiggy from Drake’s “In My Feelings” video on stage in […]

Shiggy Warns Against Doing the Shiggy Challenge With Moving Cars

Shiggy Warns Against Doing the Shiggy With Moving Cars

Shiggy the dude responsible for making Drake’s “In My Feelings” a viral phenomenon through a dance challenge says he never intended for people to start jumping out of cars, and actually wants it to stop. The comedian tells TMZ Drake fans are placing themselves in danger when they #DoTheShiggy in the middle of traffic. There […]

Phylicia Rashad, LaLa Anthony, Shiggy Star in Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’

Phylicia Rashad, LaLa Anthony, Shiggy Star in Drake's 'In My Feelings'

Just in case you were tired of hearing Drake’s “In My Feelings” be prepared to hear it even more now because the video dropped and it’s perfect. As suspected, the video is directed by Karena Evans. The video stars LaLa Anthony as the infamous, Kiki; Phylicia Rashad as Kiki’s over protective mother; and Shiggy as […]

Police Threaten Criminal Charges if Caught Doing Viral #DoTheShiggy Dance

Police Threatens Criminal Charges if Caught Doing Viral #DoTheShiggy Dance

Police around the world cautioned individuals against doing the “Kiki challenge,” after various individuals endeavoring the viral move have been harmed. The “Kiki challenge”, otherwise called the “In My Feelings challenge” or “Do the Shiggy,” incorporates simple dance moves that go with the song lyrics, but things to a turn for the worst when people […]

Where is Shiggy’s ‘In My Feelings’ Check?


Shiggy made a video challenge with Drake’s song “In My Feelings” that went viral on Instagram and everyone and their mama is doing it! He uploaded a small clip of him referencing to Drake and jokingly confronting him about the rumored money of $250,000 payout. “Had to tell him it’s too late for all that I’m […]

The #InMyFeelingsChallenge Could Lead to Arrest in Foreign Nations


Be careful where you do the #InMyFeelingsChallenge. The popularity of the Shiggy created social media challenge has crossed oceans and has become popular all the way in Egypt, where it can also land you in jail. Bloomberg reports the craze has been a hit in the nation with actress Dina El-Sherbiny and football star Essam […]

Shiggy Plays Russell Wilson Out At Espys, Gets At Ciara

The whole world is going crazy over “In My Feelings” challenge. The dance craze has taken the world by storm, causing people to hop out their cars anywhere and rock their own version of “The Shiggy” for the ‘Gram. Creator of the dance, Shiggy, is living his best life. He recently was invited to the […]

Shiggy Denies Rumors That Drake Paid Him $250K: ‘Blogs is Crazy’


Out of the 25 songs on Drake’s new album, Scorpion, “In My Feelings” became a viral sensation thanks to the dance created by New York comedian, Shiggy. Of course, it’s a bop, but it’s safe to say that #DotheShiggy and #InMyFeelingsChallenge are no less than two factors that added to the tune’s No. 1 spot […]

Drake Credits Shiggy for Boosting ‘In My Feelings’ to No. 1


If you’ve ever been minding your own business and randomly thought to yourself, “Keke, do you love me?” You’re probably in your feelings and can thank social media sensation, Shiggy, for that. Drake rightfully thanked the comedian for making the B-Side cut of his latest project, Scorpion, “In My Feelings” No. 1. Although the track […]

5 Hilarious Truths We Learned About the #InMyFeelingsChallenge


We are pretty sure that sometime this week you sang the words over and over…. “Keke, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me.” Although none of us are quite sure who Keke is, we all have been walking around humming the tunes making hearts with our hands. […]

Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ Inspires New Social Media Challenge

Drake's 'In My Feelings' Inspires New Social Media Challenge

Since the release of Scorpion last Friday (June 29) everyone has been debating on the number of standout tracks from the double-disc album. Drake’s latest solo album holds 25 tracks, splitting between an A and B side. One of the albums’ tracks, which is already dubbed a “summer banger,” has sparked a new social media […]