Silento Asks the Court for $25K Bond in Murder Case, Vows to Not Run

Rapper Silento Indicted for Murdering His Cousin

Back in February, rapper Silento, most notable for his single “Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae),” was been arrested for the murder of his 34-year-old cousin Fredrick Rooks. Visit for more information Today, TMZ states the rapper’s legal team has filed documents in DeKalb County, GA requesting a bond of $25K. Silento is arguing […]

Silento’s Publicist Asks The Public For Prayers Following Murder Charges

Rapper Silento Indicted for Murdering His Cousin

Silento, the 23-year-old “Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Nae Nae” star has found himself in some trouble again. This time, the singer is being accused of murdering his cousin. Visit for more information Silento, real name Ricky Lamar Hawk was arrested in Dekalb County after police say he murdered his cousin, 34-year-old Fredrick Rooks. […]

Silento Arrested After Entering Random Home With Hatchet Looking For Girlfriend

Rapper Silento Indicted for Murdering His Cousin

Silento was arrested last weekend after he entered into a family’s home, allegedly threatening the homeowners and their children with a hatchet. Visit for more information LAPD says that Silento, whose real name is Richard Hawk, entered a house holding a hatchet while looking for his girlfriend. When he entered the home, someone screamed […]

Wall Street Journal Catches Up With The Latest Dances

cam newton

The Wall Street Journal is one of the premier news publications in the United States and arguably the world. The news outlet is where business is the topic of discussion and recently they published an article about the businesses behind the latest dances like the Shmoney dance, the Dab, Hit The Quan, Whip/Nae Nae and […]