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Holiday Make Up Wars: Kylie Jenner vs Rihanna

Holiday Make Up Wars: Kylie Jenner vs Rihanna

Words by Nick Slay Visit for more information Earlier this year Rihanna took the beauty world by storm when her Fenty Beauty collection flew off the shelves. What social media and industry critics noticed is that shades for women of color with darker and richer skin tones were completely sold out. This prompted the […]

Kylie Jenner Will Launch Diverse Range of Concealers

Kylie Jenner Allegedly Deletes Dm's with Victoria Vanna

Words by Shurida Lundi Visit for more information With the launch of Fenty Beauty, the makeup world was shook that Rihanna was able to create 40 shades of foundation. Makeup brands around the world started to promote that they were just as inclusive as Fenty Beauty. Kylie Jenner has now joined the wave of […]