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SOURCE SPORTS: Richard Sherman, Keyshawn Johnson and Michael Irvin Set to Join Skip Bayless as New Co-Hosts of ‘UNDISPUTED’

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless is adding to Lil Wayne as his run of new partners. Joining Skip Bayless on Undisputed beginning Monday (Aug. 28) are Richard Sherman, Keyshawn Johnson, and Michael Irvin. Visit for more information Skip Bayless confirmed the additions, which he calls the “new dream team” on X. Lil Wayne was previously announced as […]

Shannon Sharpe to Join ESPN’s ‘First Take’ for NFL Season

Shannon Sharpe Tearfully Says Goodbye to ‘Undisputed’ and Thanks Skip Bayless

Stephen A. Smith has a new debate partner. The NY Post reports former FS1 personality Shannon Sharpe will be headed to ESPN to take on Stephen A. on Mondays and Tuesdays during the NFL season. Sharpe comes over after ending his partnership with Smith’s former co-host Skip Bayless. Visit for more information Sharpe is […]

Skip Bayless Apologizes To Viewers For Bills-Bengals Game Tweet On ‘Undisputed’

Skip Bayless Catches Heat For Saying He Has 'No Sympathy' for Dak Prescott's Fight With Depression

Undisputed co-host Skip Bayless apologized to viewers on Tuesday’s (Jan. 3) episode, with an absent co-host Shannon Sharpe, for his tweet following the horrific injury of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin during the Monday Night Football game on January 2nd between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals. The 71-year-old famed journalist/correspondent was met with huge […]

Stephen Jackson Threatens to Slap Skip Bayless: ‘All Respect Gone’


Skip Bayless is in hot water with many in the sports community after an insensitive tweet following the collapse of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin. In the aftermath, former NBA player and current sports analyst Stephen Jackson hit Twitter with a direct threat to Bayless. Visit for more information “Ima slap the shit outta […]

Report: Shannon Sharpe Misses ‘Undisputed’ Episode Due To Skip Bayless Insensitive Damar Hamlin Tweet

Shannon Sharpe Believes Michael Jordan Dropped The Ball on His Response to Donald Trump

Shannon Sharpe was unexpectedly missing from Tuesday’s episode of Undisputed. However, sources say that his absence was due to Skip Bayless’s insensitive tweet following the Damar Hamlin incident. Visit for more information TMZ reported on Tuesday that Shannon skipped the episode because he was “upset” over Skip Bayless’s insensitive Damar Hamlin tweet where he […]

Social Media Calls For Skip Bayless’s Firing After Insensitive Damar Hamlin Tweet

Skip Bayless Catches Heat For Saying He Has 'No Sympathy' for Dak Prescott's Fight With Depression

While Skip Bayless is known for his controversial sports takes, and for often ruffling the feathers of his Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe, the sports talk show host is now under fire for his insensitive comments regarding Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills safety who suffered cardiac arrest after a tackle during Monday night’s game against the […]

Russell Westbrook Claps Back At Skip Bayless For Calling Him “Westbrick”

Russell Westbrook Said "He Was Disappointed" That He Was Benched In Latest Lakers Loss

Russell Westbrook has had it with the names. Visit for more information Skip Bayless had taken to Twitter to take a dig at the Lakers for drafting former Michigan State guard, Max Christie, who is not the best 3-point shooter. “Lakers acquire a 2nd-round pick, take Michigan State’s Max Christie, who shot only 32% […]

SOURCE SPORTS: Skip Bayless Shockingly Praises LeBron, Says He Could Win MVP

skip and lebron

Yes you read the headline right. Visit for more information Skip Bayless is notoriously known for his LeBron James hate. He is always blaming LeBron for losses and reminding James that he isn’t as good as Jordan. However, in a recent turn of events, Bayless actually had a couple of positive things to say […]

SOURCE SPORTS: Kevin Durant to Skip Bayless: “I really don’t like u”

Kevin Durant Enters Seven-Day Quarantine After COVID Exposure

It was supposed to be a good night in basketball. Steph Curry became three-point king, the Blazers and Suns had an OT game and Kevin Durant put up a triple-double to lead the short-handed Brooklyn Nets to victory over the Toronto Raptors. Visit for more information Fox Sports “analyst” and elite LeBron James troll, […]

Lil Wayne Gifts Skip Bayless Four Pair of Sneakers for His Birthday

Skip Bayless Catches Heat For Saying He Has 'No Sympathy' for Dak Prescott's Fight With Depression

One of the oddest friendships in sports and entertainment has to be the pairing of Lil Wayne and Skip Bayless. Visit for more information In the past Skip has stated that Weezy F has let him drive top of the line cars when he visits Miami. This week, Wayne went all out on Skip’s […]

Skip Bayless On Twitter: ‘LeBron James Should’ve Won MVP’

LeBron James' More Than a Vote Initiative Draws Over 10,000 Poll Workers

It was announced today that Giannis won league MVP for the second time in a row, even though he has not led the Bucks to a championship. Even finals for that matter. There were mixed reactions about the Bucks star winning MVP. However, in a change of heart, Skip Bayless said something nobody saw coming. […]

Skip Bayless Catches Heat For Saying He Has ‘No Sympathy’ for Dak Prescott’s Fight With Depression

Skip Bayless Catches Heat For Saying He Has 'No Sympathy' for Dak Prescott's Fight With Depression

Skip Bayless has been catching heat over his insensitive comments regarding Dak Prescott’s mental health. On Thursday morning’s episode of Undisputed, Bayless said that he has no sympathy for Prescott’s decision to go public with his fight with depression. Visit for more information “I don’t have sympathy for him going public with, ‘I got […]

Skip Bayless Reveals What He and Lil Wayne Talk About in Text Messages


Skip Bayless is one of the most popular and controversial sports analysts on TV. Appearing daily on Undisputed, Bayless is seen next to Shannon Sharpe and the two hit Hot Ones for a game called “Truth or Dab.” Visit for more information The game is played by telling the truth to the question asked […]

[Watch] ‘First Take’ Co-Hosts Pay Tribute To Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless Catches Heat For Saying He Has 'No Sympathy' for Dak Prescott's Fight With Depression

Although many do not and probably will not like Skip Bayless, fans of ESPN and the network will forever be indebted to what Bayless has done in terms of how we discuss sports today. From his hate for LeBron James to his love of Tom Brady, Michael Jordan and the San Antonio Spurs, Bayless knew […]