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Snoop Dogg Issues Sharp Warning to 6ix9ine Over Snitching Allegations

Snoop Dogg on Feminism in Hip Hop: 'Let's Have Some Imagination'

Hip-hop has all of the issues right now with 6ix9ine. After voicing his opinion on 6ix9ine, Snoop Dogg was called a snitch by the rainbow-haired rapper. Visit for more information Tekashi would share a video of Suge Knight that some feel alludes to The Doggfather not abiding by the street code and sidestepped a […]

6ix9ine Accused Snoop Dogg of Being a Snitch, Snoop Responds

Snoop Dogg Releases 'Nipsey Blue' as a 35th Birthday Tribue to Nipsey Hussle

6ix9ine’s return to rap is just as turbulent as one could have predicted. Over 2 million people tuned in to his Instagram Live last week, and Meek Mill and Snoop Dogg had some choice words for the “GOOBA” rapper. Visit for more information Last week, Uncle Snoop dubbed 6ix9ine a “rat” upon the later […]

Snoop Dogg Explains Why JAY-Z is the Best Competition for a Verzuz Battle

SnoopDoggExplainsWhyJAY ZistheBestCompetitionforaVerzuzBattle

After declining a Verzuz battle with Ja Rule in the pettiest way possible, 50 Cent said he’d be open to going against Snoop Dogg. Visit for more information But Snoop thinks JAY-Z would be a more fitting candidate because they simultaneously reigned in their respective regions. “Biggie passed away and then Nas had it […]

SOURCE LATINO: Snoop Dogg and Banda MS Collaborate on ‘Que Maldicion’


It’s the Mexican Folk-G-Funk Rap fusion we didn’t know we needed. As if the legendary Snoop D-O-Double-G couldn’t diversify his catalog a bit more, the West coast smooth spitter linked up with Banda Sinaloense de Sergio Lizarraga, also known as Banda MS, for the what will surely become the summer banger “Que Maldicion.” Long-awaited by […]

Five Movers and Shakers in Hip-Hop’s Cannabis Scene

Snoop Dogg on Feminism in Hip Hop: 'Let's Have Some Imagination'

Leo Bridgewater believes that the legal cannabis business is the new civil rights movement, set up for only a select few to benefit substantially from. It is political also. Visit for more information Billions are being made by people plugged-in enough to have access to the inner workings of this new business (usually white […]

Snoop Dogg Set to Launch His Own Wine

Snoop Dogg Admits to Being 'Brainwashed' to Believe he Couldn't Vote With a Criminal Record

Snoop Dogg is expanding his empire with his very own wine. Visit for more information The Hip Hop legend joined forces with 19 Crimes for a multi-year deal with the company to deliver his signature wine, Snoop Cali Red. “I’ve been a fan of this wine, and I’m excited to unveil my Snoop Cali […]

Today In Hip-Hop History: Dogg Pound Singer Nate Dogg Passed Away 9 Years Ago

Nate Dogg Net Worth

On this date in 2011 in Long Beach, California, Nathaniel Hale, better known as rap/R&B crooner Nate Dogg, died from complications after suffering several strokes. He was 41 years old. Visit for more information Introduced to the rap game by his Long Beach homie Snoop Dogg via their trio 213, which was the group […]

[WATCH] Snoop Dogg Joins Jada Pinkett Smith on ‘Red Table Talk’

RTT Snoop Credit Eric Michael Roy

Jada Pinkett Smith kicked off the 2020 season of her Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk, with a guest appearance by Snoop Dogg, who took the opportunity to apologize for his comments towards Gayle King regarding her comments about Kobe Bryant’s past controversies. Visit for more information The controversy began almost a month ago […]

Snoop Dogg is Set to Appear on ‘Red Table Talk’ on Wednesday

Snoop Dogg is Set to Appear on Red Table Talk on Wednesday

Snoop Dogg is set to appear on Red Table Talk following his controversy with Gayle King. Visit for more information The rapper dragged her online after a clip of her questioning Lisa Leslie about Kobe Bryant’s past rape allegations surfaced. Many mourning fans and loved ones felt like it was too soon and she […]

Kareem Abdul Jabbar on Kobe: “He learned from his mistakes and devoted himself to being a better person”

Screen Shot    at

In a commentary published in the Hollywood Reporter, NBA Hall of Famer, six-time NBA Champion, and former L.A. Laker remarked on the controversial back and forth between some Hip-Hop artists (most notably Snoop Dogg) and Gayle King (her supporters) regarding remarks made in an interview about Kobe Bryant’s legacy. Without truly critiquing King, as that […]

Photos Surface of Snoop Dogg’s Son Wearing Makeup, Lace and Earrings

Screen shot    at

Images from an unknown photoshoot have surfaced that shows Snoop Dogg’s oldest son Cordell wearing eyeliner and earrings. To top off Broadus’ Prince look, he donned a pink sweater vest with a large pink flower on the front over a lace shirt. Visit for more information It is unclear when the pictures were taken […]

“Two Wrongs Don’t Make No Right… I Apologize.” Snoop’s Mom Persuaded Him to Holla’ at Gayle Like a Grown Man

Snoop Dogg on Feminism in Hip Hop: 'Let's Have Some Imagination'

We have been waiting for it. Someone finally admits that both sides of this SnoopGayleKobe-Gate could have handled themselves better. Visit for more information Absolving personal feelings and beliefs, without advocating for people to be on their sides, both Gayle King and Snoop have offered up sincere and clear olive branches. While we heard […]

CBS News Speaks Out in Defense of Gayle King


It seems as though Gayle King hasn’t been on many’s good sides following her interview with Lisa Leslie. In the interview, King asks Leslie about the 2003 rape case of Kobe Bryant, which sparked a lot of controversies. Visit for more information Some viewers found King’s questions to be bad timing and disrespectful to […]

Marc Lamont Hill is Against Snoop Dogg’s Comments on Gayle King

Marc Lamont Hill Fired From CNN After U.N. Speech | The Source

Snoop Dogg’s Instagram rant, addressing Gayle King’s conversation with Lisa Leslie lifted some eyebrows. During an interview with a good friend of Kobe Bryant, King asked some questions regarding the late NBA player’s 2003 rape case. Visit for more information Following this interview, a lot of viewers were disappointed with Gayle’s decision to bring […]

Bill Cosby Calls Out Gayle King From Jail: ‘It’s So Sad and Disappointing’

Bill Cosby Calls Out Gayle King From Jail: 'It's So Sad and Disappointing'

Gayle King is getting dragged from left to right for her recent interview with Lisa Leslie. She asked the WNBA star about Kobe Bryant’s legacy being tarnished because of his 2003 rape allegations and the Internet tore her to shreds. Visit for more information Ari Lennox, 50 Cent and many more celebs called out […]

Diddy’s “Bad Boys for Life” Song Used as Inspiration Anthem for Pediatric Cancer Patients


A group of children battling pediatric cancer has gone viral after using Sean Diddy Combs’ “Bad Boys for Life” song as their inspirational anthem. Visit for more information The children seen in the video have either beaten cancer or are still battling cancer. The children come from a non-profit organization called “Fighting all Monsters” […]