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ICYMI: Billie Eilish Under Fire For Alleged Racist Slur

Billie Eilish Under Fire For Alleged Racist Slur

Billie Eilish might be next to be cancelled for being an alleged racist. Visit for more information Pop sensation Billie Eilish is catching a lot of heat on social media over past videos allegedly showing her using a racial slur.  A TikTok video was uploaded this week where the Grammy winner can allegedly be […]

SOURCE SPORTS: NFL Is Partnering Up With Clubhouse For Draft Week Coverage


The NFL appears to be jumping on the Clubhouse wave. Starting Monday, the NFL will host a series of rooms on the live audio app featuring pre-draft player analysis, mock drafts, a conversation with University of Alabama alumni, and more.  Visit for more information The partnership is Clubhouse’s first with a major sports league. The […]

Trump Is Starting His Own Social Media Platform

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Former President Trump is taking his role as a social media influencer to another level by starting his own social media platform. After the January 6 attacks on the Capitol, Trump was suspended from Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. But that ain’t stopping him. One of his advisers reported to Fox News on […]

Former Trump and GOP Aide Charged With Distributing Child Porn

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According to a report from The Daily Beast, the former digital specialist who designed social media ads for former President Trump’s 2020 election campaign has been charged with distributing child pornography. Visit for more information 27-year-old Ruben A. Verastigul was arrested on Friday by D.C Metro Police following a child pornography investigation that began […]

Donald Trump Summarizes His Outlook on Protestors of Police Brutality: ‘THUGS’

DonaldTrumpSuggestsInjectingPeopleWithDisinfectanttoTreatCOVID ,LysolManufacturersWarnsAgainstIngestion

Twitter did a very brave thing this morning. Then it also did something dangerous. Visit for more information It published a tweet by President Donald Trump that advocated shooting rioters in Minneapolis and around the country but provided a disclaimer. “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence. However, Twitter has determined that […]

Ari Lennox Tired of Being Judged and Plans to Leave Social Media For Good


In a lengthy Instagram post, the Dreamville First Lady announced her plans to leave social media for good. Ari Lennox feels as though showing her personality online has hurt her career and wants to be able to create while being “off the grid.” To support better mental health, Ari is leaving behind more than 1.5 […]

SOURCE SPORTS: LeBron James Breaks His Silence on the NBA and China Tension


LeBron James has finally weighed in on the NBA’s controversy with China. Visit for more information James, who is at the forefront of the athlete empowerment movement, said on Monday that Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey was not “educated” about the Hong Kong matter before speaking. James also noted there were financial, physical, emotional […]

Snapchat Back Up and Working, but Issues and Questions Remain


Thousands of people woke up to an extra Monday-ish Monday when they realized that something wasn’t quite right with Snapchat. Visit for more information The popular social media app reportedly went down for over an hour on Monday morning at approximately 8 a.m. PST (11 a.m. EST).  At least 18,000 users throughout the United […]

50 Cent Explains How Social Media is Breeding One Hit Wonder Culture


50 Cent sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and spoke about a slew of topics including his hit series, Power, Eminem’s upcoming album and more. Visit for more information The Queens mogul spoke about the current state of Hip Hop and explained why artists aren’t seeing longevity in the game. “Hip hop is youth […]

Jeezy Mula Arrested For Alleged Illegal Activity On Instagram


Another rapper is in hot water after posting some incriminating footage of himself, sparking an investigation. Visit for more information Mula confirmed the investigation after posting the court papers which describe the alleged illegal activity that was posted on social media. View this post on Instagram Brooklyn rapper @realryte_mula was arrested for alleged illegal […]

Facebook’s New Camera Announcement is Met With Mixed Reviews

Is Facebook Getting Even Less Friendly? Social Media Giant Shuts Down Friends List Feeds Feature

In recent months, Facebook has been announcing that they want to see more of your face. On the heels of last week‘s new Nearby Friends mapping feature announcement, Facebook revealed that they’re following the leads of other tech giants such as Google and Snapchat and expanding into the hardware market with the announcement of their […]

Is Facebook’s Anticipated Update Friendlier? Or Creepier?

Is Facebook Getting Even Less Friendly? Social Media Giant Shuts Down Friends List Feeds Feature

It knows when you’ve been sleeping, it knows when you’re awake….and now Facebook is going to know where you are- and so are your Facebook friends, all thanks to Facebook’s newly designed “Nearby Friends” feature. Visit for more information While Facebook’s current Nearby Friends feature allows users to share their general location with their […]

Why the Internet was Made for 50 Cent and Tekashi 6ix9ine

Tekashi ixine

It’s no secret that making it in the music industry is hard as hell and always has been. Not only do you have to be at least somewhat talented, but you have to know the right people, usually get signed to a major record label, sell albums, book tours, collab with the right people, and […]

Is Cardi B’s Latest Childhood Pic Going to be a New Favorite Meme?

Is Cardi B's Latest Childhood Pic Going to be a New Favorite Meme?

Shortly before officially becoming a new mom, Cardi B shared a childhood photo of herself. In the photo, we find young Cardi standing with her hand on hip, offering the camera a sarcastic smile. Clearly, she’s always been a sassy girl. Visit for more information However, she may have never expected the old picture […]