Social Media Is Costing Athletes Big Bucks


This past week at the 2016 NFL Draft lives changed, tears were shed, families rejoiced, and players understood their dream of playing on Sundays will actually become a reality. At the same time, a harsh reality was a major headline of the Draft: social media has the potential to threaten a career and potential earnings. […]

Defamation and Social Media 101


All it takes nowadays is one click of a button, and bam! You’re slapped with a lawsuit. The digital climate today has empowered people and entities to share information at the speed of light, whether true or false. With social media serving as one of the primary avenues to voice an opinion, and an abundance […]

Stop Snitching: On Yourself!


In light of recent efforts to eliminate threats of terrorism, and in the war against senseless gun violence, law enforcement authorities are sitting back and waiting for people to tell on themselves or allowing the general public to bring threatening posts to their attention. Either way, the offending parties can only point the finger at […]