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Soulja Boy Apparently Has An Idea For McDonald’s That’s Worth $1B

Soulja Boy McDonald's

Lately, Soulja Boy has been in the news for being one of hip-hop’s biggest innovators. He claimed to have sparked many ideas in the culture, and now he has another one for McDonald’s, and he said it’s worth a billion dollars.  Visit for more information Big Draco took it to Twitter and reached out […]

Bow Wow to Soulja Boy on VERZUZ Result: “We Can Run it Back”


Could Bow Wow and Soulja Boy be headed for a second showdown in VERZUZ? Big Draco hit the Million Dollarz Worth Of Game Podcast and talked about the battle and revealed he was the winner. Visit for more information “I ain’t never seen one person that said Bow Wow won,” Soulja said. “I didn’t […]

Black Music Inspires: Hip Hop Was Created with No Boundaries

black music inspires

To understand how Black music and hip-hop inspires the world, you need to understand what hip-hop is and what it represents. The birth of hip-hop came about when black communities needed a space to channel their expressions of the oppression they faced in America during the 1970s.  Visit for more information At the epi […]

Trina And Eve Are Scheduled To Battle It Out On Verzuz

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While we’ve all been busy waiting to see who Shad Moss AKA Bow Wow will be battling, Verzuz has been busy confirming its other artists. Today the battle of the bands announced Trina and Eve will be going up against each other on June 16. Visit for more information Back in March, Trina mentioned […]

Soulja Boy and Bow Wow Trade Shots Ahead of Verzuz Battle

Soulja Boy McDonald's

Soulja Boy and Bow Wow know how to keep building the hype for their upcoming Verzuz battle, despite there not being a set date yet. The two rappers have been on social media for the last week taking jabs at each other. Visit for more information On Sunday, Bow Wow took to Twitter to […]

Bow Wow Says He Needs To See A Contract To Participate In Verzuz Battle

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The Verzuz battle between Bow Wow and Soulja Boy may not happen as soon as fans think. After a week of firing tweets back and forth about facing off on Verzuz, Bow Wow said he needs more than a conversation to confirm the battle. Visit for more information “Ain’t talking versuz until I see […]

Bow Wow Fires At Soulja Boy Ahead of Upcoming Verzuz Battle


While there was a lot of back and forth over Romeo and Bow Wow stepping into the Verzuz ring, it seems as though Soulja Boy is willing to take on Bow Wow in the Verzuz ring officially after the rapper made the official announcement on his Twitter. Visit for more information “Soulja Boy vs […]

Soulja Boy Sued for Sexual Battery and Domestic Abuse

Soulja Boy Admits He Quit Lean Two Years Ago Because It Was 'Altering' His Thoughts

In the midst of Soulja Boy’s latest comeback, he has been hit with a lawsuit for alleged sexual battery and domestic abuse. Visit for more information An anonymous woman file suit in Los Angeles Supreme Court stating that she and the rap phenom had a serious relationship between 2014 and 2019 but suffered abuse […]

Soulja Boy Credits Himself With Starting Viral TikTok Dance Challenges

Soulja Boy Admits He Quit Lean Two Years Ago Because It Was 'Altering' His Thoughts

If it’s one thing Soulja Boy will do, it’s give himself credit for something he believes he started. Whether that’s starting Drake’s career, setting off the internet dance craze, or being the first to go back and forth on social media with a group of wrestlers, Soulja Boy has no problem demanding his respect. The […]

Soulja Boy on Drake Thanking Bow Wow: “Dude Stole My Whole Bar”

Soulja Boy Admits He Quit Lean Two Years Ago Because It Was 'Altering' His Thoughts

Ever since his iconic Breakfast Club interview, where he once again became a viral meme, Soulja Boy has felt left out when it comes to his influence on Drake. In the interview, Soulja claimed that Drake stole his flow from “Kiss Me Thru the Phone,” and hasn’t let that go. Visit for more information […]

Soulja Boy and Randy Orton Still Going at It After Weeks of Twitter Fingers

Soulja Boy Admits He Quit Lean Two Years Ago Because It Was 'Altering' His Thoughts

Soulja Boy and WWE Wrestler Randy Orton have been using their Twitter fingers in a back and forth for a few weeks. It started when the “Crank That” rapper mentioned that the rap game is “faker than WWE.” Multiple wrestlers came forward to challenge Soulja Boy on his words and even called him a “one-hit-wonder.” […]

Nia Riley Details Horrific Abuse During Relationship With Soulja Boy


Nia Riley and Soulja Boy’s relationship hit the screens in 2014 when the couple was introduced as cast members on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop. After their time on the drama-filled television show, the couple would find themselves fighting to make their love work on WE TV’s Marriage Boot Camp. Visit for more information […]

Soulja Boy Sued By Ex-GF For Abuse and Sexual Assault

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According to a report from TMZ, Soulja Boy is being sued by a woman who claimed to be his personal assistant and ex-girlfriend, accusing him of sexual assault and abuse. Visit for more information A woman only identified as Jane Doe filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday, alleging that the SODMG […]

Trippie Redd Clowns Soulja Boy After Rant: “Bro It’s 30 Plus Years Later”

Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd has some words of advice for Soulja Boy after his most recent rant. Soulja recently took to Instagram Live to get some things off of his chest. While doing so he targeted a number of media publications including HotNewHipHop, VladTV, No Jumper, and XXL for their apparent spew of false narratives. Visit […]

Soulja Boy’s Soap Investment is Cleaning Up Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Soulja Boy Admits He Quit Lean Two Years Ago Because It Was 'Altering' His Thoughts

Soulja Boy has rebranded himself as a young Black entrepreneur and he’s currently cashing in on one of his investments amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Visit for more information Last year the rapper visited the Mississippi soap franchise, The Soap Shop, with his manager, CEO Miami Mike, and he invested in the company with an […]

Soulja Boy’s Car Nearly Drives Into Ocean During California Mudslides

Soulja Boy McDonald's

There are flash floods throughout California that are causing mudslides, leaving people stranded in their cars. Soulja Boy was one of the people involved in such an incident. He posted a picture on Twitter that confirmed that he was in a sticky situation resulting from the mudslides. My car got stuck too almost went into […]

Soulja Boy Reportedly Gained 50 Pounds Since He Quit Doing Drugs


Big Draco has been free from jail since July but not many have seen Soulja Boy since his tumultuous start of the year. Visit for more information Read More: Soulja Boy Tightens His Circle, Kicks Friends Out His California Home TMZ caught up with Soulja Boy’s manager, Miami Mike, who revealed his stint in jail […]

Soulja Boy Tightens His Circle, Kicks Friends Out His California Home


Soulja Boy was released from jail early and is looking to make adjustments to his life. Visit for more information Big Draco was released after three months in L.A. County Jail and cleared house when he got home, literally. TMZ details Soulja booted people from his San Fernando Valley home and is cutting more […]

Soulja Boy Gets Early Release From Prison


It looks like Soulja Boy has made another comeback in 2019. According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department records, Big Draco was released early from jail Sunday (July 14). Visit for more information Sources in the L.A. Sheriff’s Department told TMZ the viral rap sensation secured his release due to good behavior, time served […]