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SOURCE BHM Month: The First Rapper Ever… Meet Coke La Rock

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While you might believe that it is unlikely for anyone to really zone in who was the first person to ever be considered a rapper, the universal consensus from the people who were there back in the day, say that there is one name you have to point to. That would be an emcee named […]

NYC Gives $3.5 Million To Build Hip Hop Museum In The Bronx

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It has been reported that the State of New York in conjunction with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office has given the Universal Hip Hop Museum a $3.5 million donation to begin its construction. According to the museum’s Executive Director Rocky Bucano, “The grant from Governor Andrew Cuomo is a testament to the cultural and economic development […]

KRS-One Responds Quickly To MC Shan’s Freestyle and Radio Interview

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In 1986 Boogie Down Productions responded to perceived disrespect in MC Shan’s “The Bridge” with “South Bronx,” starting one of the most legendary battles in Hip Hop history. The feud lasted many years and yielded many songs from multiple artists, but the general consensus is that BDP won with “The Bridge is Over.” Thirty years […]

Hip Hop Founder Kool Herc’s Old BX Block To Be Renamed “Hip Hop Blvd”


According to DNA Info New York, the City Council announced that it would pass legislation to rename the section of Sedgewick Avenue that includes DJ Kool Herc‘s old address, Hip Hop Boulevard. 1520 Sedgewick Avenue in the South Bronx was the location where Kool Herc DJed some of the very first Hip Hop parties and has been […]