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Southwest Under Investigation Over Holiday Travel Disaster, $220M Loss

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The U.S. Department of Transportation is investigating the Southwest Airlines holiday travel fiasco that left thousands of travelers stranded for days. The investigation was brought on by the airlines report of their $220 million dollar loss in the first quarter.  Visit for more information A colossal winter storm forced Southwest to cancel more than […]

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellations Draw Scrutiny


Lawmakers are criticizing Southwest Airlines over a series of flight cancellations in recent days. A bitter cold front swept across the country accompanied by snow and freezing temperatures this holiday season. Although the airline is currently rolling out a reset by moving crews and empty aircrafts around the country to place crews accordingly, lawmakers are […]

Southwest Airlines CEO Believes it is Safe to Travel by Plane Again


Airlines have adjusted their policies in preparation for when the thousands of grounded airplanes will be back into traveling rotation. Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly believes that time to take flight has now arrived. Visit for more information Kelly appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation and was asked if he thinks it is ok […]

All Major Airlines Now Ban Hoverboards

thinking of taking your hoverboard on delta air lines flights sorry you can

It’s happened folks. The hoverboard trend has now officially pissed off airport security. Visit for more information Friday, Southwest Airlines became the last of the USA’s major airlines to say they would no longer permit these devices on their aircrafts. This was following statements by Delta and United made Thursday. When asked Alaska Airlines […]